Rode NT1 Shure SM7B AKG c214 Rode NT2A (is this just a slightly better version of NT1?) No items to compare. On the other hand, Neumann TLM 103 is more expensive. The TLM 102 stands for legendary sound at an unheard of price. When you hear the TLM 102, you’ll immediately notice what we did not omit: the Neumann … Both have good and bad reviews, the K2 is a tube mic which I haven't got in my pallet yet, but the TLM102 is a Neumann, and I haven't got it either. Contact Us. What would add a different taste to my pallet, the K2 or the TLM102. I also have the PRE73. Neumann TLM 102 (how does this compare to the others here? Add at least two items to compare. We remodeled the production and omitted rarely used functions (such as pattern, pad, and low cut switches). Neumann TLM 102 is available at a lower price point, and is praised for the natural audio character. When comparing this to other microphones such as the TLM 103 (450g) and the Rode NT2A (860g), it just highlights that the TLM 102 is extremely light. However, the TLM 103 is able to give you that amazing Neumann … Back to Product List. Furthermore I have a rode NT2a and a AKG C1000 which could be used as vocal mics. Sales & Expert advice 800.606.6969 or 212.444.6615. There’s also no pad or low-cut switch on the TLM 103. Neumann's models are generally accepted as high-quality microphones. It is a smaller microphone compared to other microphones in the Neumann lineup. Sort: Clear All. When it comes to the physical aspects of the TLM 102 mic, it weighs in at approximately 210g and is 12.6 cm in length and 5.2 cm in width. Live Chat. It's quiet 'warm'. Print Email. Beyond being my personal favorite, ... TLM 103 – the bigger brother to the Neumann TLM 102. since it's at a higher price range ~$650) The type of vocal I'm focusing on are similar to the following: Customer Service 800.221.5743 or … The Neumann TLM 102 can be used to record a variety of sound sources, including very loud and very soft instruments, but where it truly shines is in recording the human voice. Rode has a great warranty, and the studio package containing a pop-filter, shock-mount, XLR cable, and carrying case is a nice added bonus. Comparing Rode NT2A vs Neumann TLM 102 . Rode NT1A. The new TLM102 embodies everything we've come to expect from a large-diaphragm Neumann studio mic — except the price! In the following article, we will discuss the comparisons between Neumann TLM 102 vs 103, which are both among the more affordable models from the company. Some compared it with a Neumann U87 and didn’t see much of a difference. The mic is designed with a thick, integrated pop shield behind its metal grille, which allows vocalists to perform without having to worry about pesky sibilants and plosives.