It made me part of a team. She'd sauntered to the glass in only her black lace bra and panties. Khorne, also known as Kharnath, Arkhar, Khorgar, Kjorn, Khar, the Great Brass Bull, the Bloody Handed, the Axefather, the Bloodwolf, The Great Khorneholio, Special K, the Wolf-Father, Frowny Face McMurderaxe, Sergeant Slaughter, the Lord of Fighters, the Messiah of Mayhem, Call of Duty: Demon DLC, The Parapeligac Sociopath, MegaSatan, Definitely not fucking Khaine, Armok, and 8666 other names, is the Chaos God of war, murder, sav… Thousand Sons got their own codex, and it’s crazy viable at the tournament level, Death Guard finally got their own codex and a whole new range of models, plus Nurgle got new Great Unclean Ones, and even Slaanesh got an updatewith new Greater Daemons and units. The name"Khorne"derives from hisDark Tonguename,"Kharneth", meaning "Lord of Rage" or "Lord of Blood". The Red Ring on my fist chose me. This is a backpack from the Warhammer 40,000 Chaos Space Marines Khorne Berzerkers plastic boxed set by Games Workshop… However, Khornate Berzerkers will use any weapon they can get their hands on, even their own bodies, as long as they can continue to engage in bloodshed. Sadly, GW has done nothing to improve or resculpt them since. Berzerker Champion: Power fist, Power sword. Chaos Khorne Berzerkers Backpack A. Put the fear of Khorne into anyone you prank call! Carry the Emperor´s will as your torch, with it … khorne-berserker < > Most recent. Upon taking control of the XIIth Space Marine Legion, the bloody-handed Primarch enacted many changes. It was said that the raw fuel for the new processes had been harvested from the blood-soaked killing fields of the Urgall Depression, ritually gathered up by the sons of Lorgar and alchemically rendered down by the fell genius of the Emperor's Children. Indeed, it was like a heap of … Chat. I think the most appropriate loadout for a Khorne Berzerker is actually strapped to the front of an angry space marine scout biker, being used like a horse on a roman chariot, while the berzerkers are being whipped with their own arms to go faster. Join Facebook to connect with Khorne Berzerker and others you may know. See More by tacticangel. Khorne Berserker. Khorne Berzerkers are, at last, what they are always supposed to have been- murderous killing machines capable of chewing through insane numbers of enemies in a short time. Every act of violence gives Khorne power, whether committed by his followers or by their enemies. Photo. Once the procedure is complete, they are one with their angry Chaos God, feeling nothing but the desire to kill, maim and burn. All posts. Show More. In battle, Berzerkers work themselves into howling frenzies of insane fury and bloodlust, before charging straight into the heart of their enemy's ranks where they can quickly bring their melee weapons to bear. Quotes tagged as "berserker" Showing 1-30 of 53 “Straightaway, she'd called to the guard, "Oh, boys?" Krahog. Hungover Sister of Battle helped by Hospitaller Fem Catachan arm wrestling a Cadian. In this world, is the destiny of mankind controlled by some transcendental entity or law? Inquisition and Ecclesiarchy Quotes). It is also a common sight to see Berzerkers make heavy use of Drop Pod assaults where their unexpected arrival can spell doom for the unprepared. they roared, invoking the sacred battle-name of Kharnath, the Blood God, Lord of Battles. This page is only for Chaos Marines, Traitor Guard, and Cultists. "I need some assistance," When they slowed, agog, she'd purred, "Can one of you help me find my orgasm?” Khârn the Betrayer of the World Eaters Traitor Legion, A Khornate Berzerker revelling in the slaughter of another world, Khornate Berzerkers after their fall to the service of the Blood God, A Berzerker makes a suicidal charge to get to grips with his foes, A Khornate Berzerker revels in the carnage after sacking another Imperial world, A Khornate Berzerker sits atop his slain foes, bloodied but victorious, Khornate Berzerkers leading the charge to get to grips with the enemy, Khornate Berzerkers in the heat of battle, A Khornate warband leads a bloody assault on another innocent world, A Khornate Berzerker stands triumphed over a dead squad of. 1000x1274px 309 KB. Link. T… Because of their fanatical behavior they are incapable of performing covert operations and using any tactic other than charging head-on at the enemy. Berzerkers refuse to use most forms of ranged weaponry and usually make almost exclusive use of close combat melee weapons, in particular the Chainaxe, as the axe is the favoured weapon of Khorne. Back then, we had the awesome plastic Khorne Berzerker set.