If there had been a problem with the samples and how they were mailed, chances are excellent that this problem would have been caught by the lab and you would have been asked to submit new samples. Please call us directly at 800-344-9583 (M-F, 8:30 am to 5:30 pm). Hi, EKB. If you have any further questions, you’re welcome to call us at 800-344-9583. See our DNA Testing laboratory accreditations. Collect samples from each … Since it was an at-home test, Identigene has no way of verifying whose samples we were testing. Would I be able to use it on my half sister who I know is his daughter to find out my results that way? So then I could just send in the DNA on the second child. Yes, he should have obtained your permission first, regardless of whether or not the test was a legal one or not. The price has varied over the years, and we honor all of them. After DNA has been collected, the swabs are good for up to 6 months if stored in the envelopes. I am wanting a dna test for my self and someone who i think is my dad but he is in a different state can i still use this product and how does it work. I payed for the lab costs before i even sent in the kit. Yes, you can. If the swabs seem a little wet anyway, hold the swabs upright in the air for a minute or so to allow them to dry a little before placing in the paper envelopes. – Full vs. unrelated Well my child’s father just took a test an the email said he was 0% but the paperwork says he is 99.9% can u remail us a letter because he misplaced it. Hi, Samantha! Are you looking at your results statement? I’m not sure what you mean by “bor” between the percentages you gave. Once it arrives, results are ready in 2 business days. Please call us at 800-344-9583 for customer-service help. I see the cost and ability to do a father and 1 child, what about a father and 2 children? There are strict guidelines that must be followed: IMPORTANT: When choosing Same-Day results, all samples must be received before 8:30 AM Eastern Time to ensure testing can be completed the same day samples are received. Your friends tell you rumors about your girlfriend’s infidelity or you remember being ‘broken up’ around the time the baby was conceived. The easiest thing to do is, once you have your kit, give us a call and we’ll help you set up and pay for the test: 800-344-9583. Hi, Sarra. Hi, Shayla. This is why results of an at-home test are not admissible in court. Hi, Jon. This fee is if you would like to go the non-legal route. I have been to several stores to purchase the test and they all had expired dates on the boxes. You are ready to grab DNA samples! No worries! Our customer service line is 888-404-4363. You can find the kit at Walmart, Walgreens, Rite Aid, CVS, and other retailers too. Per the kit instructions, each participant should collect three separate samples using three separate swabs. What if you want to keep it secret and cant get a saliva sample are there other samples I can use to get the results? Please contact us 888-404-4363 for an approval and instructions on how to send the sample us. Hi, Sarah. Hi, Kiesha. Their paternity testing … As long as you keep them in a dry, room temperature area, they can last up to 6 months. Hi, Pheobe. Hi Stephanie, Okay! The short answer is yes, but I highly recommend you contact our experts at 888-404-4363 to get details and pricing. If you have questions about doing court-admissible testing, you may call our friendly client support for more information and getting it set up. Hi, Doug. How much is the lab fee for a regular DNA test…. I suggest you purchase your kit from the store instead of online, and this way the kit won’t be delivered to your house either. Hello the potential father took my child went and done the test and he has come back to me saying the child is not his as it says 0% how is that possible and I was not swabed could they have done it wrong. If you would like to pay by phone you can reach IDENTIGENE at 1-888-404-4363. I did a DNA test and the results were supposed to be ready today by 6. My son has twins and I need to know what it costs to send in his information and the twins. Are the dates printed on the boxes expiration dates? If The father has already been tested on another child do u keep the results? So if the possible father collects in NY, you’ll all need your sample-collection and mailing to be witnessed. To test the child against the possible father would be only $89. I’m not sure who “they” is that you refer to. It’s the cheek cells that are needed for testing. Now, swab the child and place the swabs in his/her envelope. Once the second business day has arrived , what time are the results normally ready by ? Can i still get results. The initial email you were given was an ETA only. You will need to contact us at 888-404-4363 for an approval to send the specimen into us. Does this answer your question? I don’t want anything sent to my house, for obvious reasons. Thank you for your interest in IDENTIGENE. Overview. Please feel free to ask any other questions you may have. Hi, Peyton. Hi Mary, Hi, Elizabeth. Thank you for your comment! Hi, Roman. We’ll be in touch! Is he on the birth certificate? I’m sorry the phones have been unusually busy over the last 10 days. and we will be happy to assist you. Hi, Austin. It could have been his and your son’s or it could have been DNA from other father/son duo. So the testing fee is $399 instead of the $89 for cheek cells. 30 second , 1 minute ? That residue cannot change DNA…it can only possibly affect the quality of the sample, making it impossible to extract the DNA from the swabs. The Identigene kit is for after the baby’s born, but our parent company, DDC, does have the best prenatal paternity test on the market. Another way you can find out if your samples have been received is through email. If your results are ready, Roman, you’ll be able to log in to your account using the email and password you chose when setting up your test. Does it matter ?? The man is obsessed with me so I just wonder sometimes if he would do that just to stay in my life. Adding ‘Mom’ gives us more DNA to examine and it can act as a “DNA insurance policy” if testing possible father with the child yield inconclusive results. The Sibling DNA test is $399, and results are typically available in 5 business days; this does depend on how your samples react to testing. Try to avoid the gum area, since that tends to collect unnecessary spit. It’s easiest if he calls us directly to set up the test, since it involves more than one child: 800-681-7162. And since you are a legal guardian, you would not need the mother’s consent, although we always recommend parents to be open and honest with each other in these matters. IDENTIGENE, LLC Hi, Tee. Our lab cannot begin testing without having payment. The test results for siblings will be one of four categories: strongly supported (conclusive), somewhat supported, inconclusive or not supported. I accidently did for my son’s and then realized it and took them out, about 3 days later. Collect your DNA samples. Then your testing will have a case number assigned to it before any samples are remitted. Hope this helps! Hi! Please clarify, OK? Thank you for your comment! We strongly recommend that you use a courier service for sample delivery (like FedEx or UPS) instead of the postage-paid envelope included in the kit, and please make sure your courier can guarantee delivery by 8:30 AM Eastern Time. If you used the postage-paid envelope included in the kit, it can take 10 business days (not including weekends) for USPS to deliver the envelope to us. We offer payment plans, however results are not posted until the balance is paid in full. How do i get it? My son completed the test and the results revealed that he is not the father. Hi, Nate. We use the best DNA technology available and our test is guaranteed accurate. Hi, Amber. We don’t ever send anything via snail mail, unless requested to do so. If you want to test your children with their aunt instead, you would need to submit your DNA too. I need to be sure. If you’ve already sent the swabs in, the lab will let you know if they need you to collect samples again or if they have enough materials to conduct the test. Thank you for your comment! At any rate, these results are not court-admissible because he did an at-home, peace-of-mind test. If that’s the case, please call us directly at 800-681-7162 to set up the test. Does this mean he signed for me illegally? These instructions above are for the at-home test. Does your husband have a legitimate reason to believe the child may be his, even if he’s not on the birth certificate? I was wondering how sibling testing works. Do you mean his family? IDENTIGENE is one of the most highly accredited and recommended DNA Paternity Test labs in the world. Or maybe you are a father, harboring a doubt that that you have been told the truth. I hope this information is helpful. Fairfield, OH 45014. Please correct me. If the mother’s child isn’t willing to test, your husband may be able to compel her to test through the court system. And, of course, there aren’t enough swabs for you to also include your DNA, but in most cases that’s OK. “No, but why would he lie.”. Yes, besides the purchase of the kit, there is an additional lab fee of $129. Nothing. Is there any chance the test results are wrong? Feel free to call us at 888-404-4363 with any further questions you may have and we will be more than happy to assist you!