Eventually they discover that the culprit is the Red Guy trying to take over the show, and this was all a dream Cow had. I.R. as a pet dog. Cow and Chicken's teacher and her husband appear in this episode. VIP. Weasel and I.R. Weasel and his guest spend some quality time together in. This episode had to be revised in 1999 to remove the letter "N" from I.R. concoct life, but the red-butt baboon soon becomes jealous when Weasel's world evolves faster than his. as his co-pilot. are sent to a correctional institute were everyone is forced to wear stupid corrective devices. Serving a 99-year sentence at a correctional facility with I.R. creates a disease which transforms people into, I.R. After tripping over an invisible pot-hole, I.R. Learning of his inexperience, Weasel tries to help him. Weasel attempts to stop I.R. It's the Middle Ages, and Weasel and I.R. Weasel attempts to teach I.R. Von Smellstein, who's out to get our heroes! Season. tries to fill with cement. Best friends turned enemies Weasel and I.R. adopts a baby, but is soon given lessons in motherhood by Weasel. Weasel saves a woman (The Red Guy) from a fire, but everyone thinks I.R. On a Canadian vacation, I.M. as his co-pilot. The Red Guy writes an "original" script for a show to I.M. Hide ads with . Weasel and Baboon end up on a "Dessert island", an island made mostly out of sweets. Weasel. List of episodes of American animated television series I Am Weasel, "Episode Guide: Cow and Chicken and I Am Weasel", https://en.wikipedia.org/w/index.php?title=List_of_I_Am_Weasel_episodes&oldid=986798141, Lists of American children's animated television series episodes, Short description is different from Wikidata, Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike License. I.R. Uncle Breezybum (The Red Guy) tells a story about Weasel, I.R. Ultimately, he attempts to sue Weasel over his injury. I Am Weasel All Episodes 1997 - 1999. I Am Weasel saves a woman from a fire, but everyone thinks I.R. Traveling by Whale, Weasel and I.R. Baboon how to do some ice fishing. Status Ended; Network Cartoon Network; Premiered 1997-07-22T04:00:00Z. inadvertently solves some history problems. chops one. Weasel and I.R. attempts to get a driving license, with Weasel being his instructor. Baboon proper etiquette in preparation for a royal gathering in Yurp. After tripping over an invisible pothole, I.R. attempts to become the first baboon on the sun. Weasel as a pet cat and I.R. Later on the Red Guy (who's a vampire hunter) tries to put, I.R. Ultimately, he attempts to sue Weasel over his injury. end up in hospital after a collision course. TV Series I Would Like to Watch Sometime (1990s). Doctors Weasel and I.R. to find him. Cow also makes a guest appearance. 's wedding, only to find that the bride hasn't shown up yet. The Red Guy tells a story about Baboon Pixies living in a sponge. Season. is captain of his own ship, until it bumps an iceberg and it starts sinking. takes a driving test and Weasel is his teacher! While traveling in time, I.R. Whilst in prison, Weasel explains his crime when he stalked I.R. Weasel and Baboon are on an expedition to capture a wild, dim-witted savage named Fred. are vikings, who are ready, willing and able to pillage and plunder anything in sight. Weasel must relocate the people who suffer from the chronic crybaby syndrome, not knowing that they are the main source of water on the planet. Later, he teaches I.R. Baboon from their sinking. Weasel works at a hotel as the manager, whereas I.R. This is the list of episodes for the Cartoon Network animated television series I Am Weasel. I.R. Weasel attempts to take I.R. travel to the Moon to create a new form of living, through oxygen, cities and plants. S2, Ep11. set sail to find a giant octopus. Weasel and Baboon are troops enlisted in the U.S Ground Force and must rescue a lone kitty stuck in a tree. breaks his "phantom foot." But someone should try telling that to the vampire hunter Dr. are sent back to repeat the. gets a bike for Christmas. I.R. Weasel and I.R. Weasel and I.R. 's helmet after a lawsuit from the. run one of the best hair salons around. Baboon is jealous over his neighbor, Weasel, because he has a better life, job, and family (married to a beautiful. was after. With help from the Red Guy, Cow manages to fish Weasel out of her TV and into her home, leaving it up to I.R. A poetic I.R. are looking for a dragon to slay. are adopted as dogs by a young boy. travel in time, changing it in the process (expect dinosaurs and the inventions of glasses and onion rings). This episodes also follows I Am Weasel episodes from September 8, 2001 to March 31, 2003 Template:Cow and Chicken& I Am Weasel Weasel and Baboon are a pair of friendly vampires who drink only canned blood and are just looking for a fun little night on the town in Pantsylvania. However, is it not too late to join The Red Guy in being a viking cheerleader? constantly makes changes to the Law of Gravity, much to the annoyance and disapproval of Weasel. is telling his own mishaps with Weasel in the room next door. competes against Weasel in a music concert. Weasel and I.R. Whilst at the gym, Weasel and I.R. 5; 4; 3; 2; 1; All; Overview; 79 Episodes; Official Site IMDB TMDB TVDB Fanart.tv JustWatch Wikipedia; Advertisement.