Learn Infant CPR If you take all of the precautions mentioned so far, chances are that you will never be faced with a true choking incident (even if your baby gags at every meal). You’ll be able to tell difference between gagging and choking. All babies have a strong gag reflex. Gagging is a perfectly normal reflex for babies to exhibit when there is too much food in the mouth for them to handle or … With baby-led weaning, however, it is important that the baby is in charge of what goes into their mouths, to avoid sudden surprises of chunks of food causing choking. 24 babies choke to death each year in England and Wales. The top fear among parents, discovered by Weaning Week’s most recent survey, is the anxiety that your baby is choking. The most recent Pediatrics research (A Baby-Led Approach to Eating Solids and Risk of Choking, 2016) suggests that there is no greater risk of choking with baby-led weaning in comparison to 'traditional' parent-led feeding with purees. Baby-led weaning and choking. Introducing your baby to solid foods is an exciting milestone, but it can also bring anxiety. On many occasions, the parents confused gagging with choking which may be another cause of baby led weaning choking worries in the first place. Weaning : A complete guide to gagging and choking by Majit Himel October 15, 2020 Gagging (another one of those words that gains a new significance when you become a parent) is common when babies are learning to eat food with lumps and different textures. Do you know what to do if your baby is choking? Learn how to tell the difference between baby gagging and choking, the safe steps to take in each situation, and ways to reduce your baby’s choking risk. This is not without cause. Baby led weaning choking is a concern many parents have when doing baby led weaning. Baby Led Weaning Choking. It is the third most common cause of death for babies. This is completely understandable, and why it is … What are they and what should you do in each case? There is no evidence to suggest babies are more likely to choke with baby-led weaning, compared to spoon-feeding (Cameron et al, 2013; Fangupo et al, 2016). A lot of parents are concerned with their baby choking when it comes to baby led weaning. Knowing the difference between gagging and choking as well as the signs for choking can help you feel more comfortable with doing BLW. Here’s what to look for and how to handle baby choking and gagging safely. Gagging is a perfectly normal and expected reaction to baby led weaning, especially at the beginning. One common weaning worry for parents is the possibility of their baby choking. What is gagging. Signs of choking vs. gagging when doing baby-led weaning. Baby-Led Weaning Gagging vs. Choking. June 7, 2020 by Plant-Based Juniors Leave a Comment. The last thing parents and caregivers want to think about is the possibility of their child choking while … So try not to worry too much.