She’s an observant one. The granola croutons are such a nice touch! I want to settle this matter once and for all! :). Hope I can find some to plant this year before it’s too late. I missed that in the magazine! It’s good on salads, with fruit, as a snack, on yogurt, etc. Very good recipe! This was the first recipe that wasn’t a hit. I love the granola croutons! So I added in granola flaxseed seeds, a little cardamom, habanero pepper (from my small garden) and maple syrup instead of honey. Do you understand how badly I need this!?!? Me and my boyfriend likes it a lot. We desperately need our lawn mowed, as well. I had already dog-eared a bunch of pages when I came across their recipe for savory granola. If you made the recipe, please choose a star rating, too. I am so delighted to have found your website and really love your recipes. Hope you get a chance to try it soon, Amanda! Toss again, then sprinkle with a couple handfuls of granola. I would like to magically transport myself into the kitchens where it came out right, lol! I haven’t quite gotten onto the kale trend yet (I’m trying to learn to love it) but I do love spinach, and I would assume you could make the salad with spinach or spring mix instead of the kale? The recipe below yields enough salad for two full-sized portions or four side salads, and plenty of leftover granola croutons for future salads. And I cannot stop picking at this granola. I made this last week for the first time and so far I have eaten it five times! Especially considering how well strawberries and oats play together. It taste just like summer! There’s a restaurant here that does the same thing (although theirs are quite sweet) and I love the unexpected flavour they add. I’m so happy you found C+K, too. Raw kale, chopped strawberries and radishes, and crumbled goat cheese tossed in a tangy lemon dressing. Not that I need an excuse. I added strawberries instead of apples, swapped lemon juice for apple cider vinegar in the dressing and kept the chopped radishes for some spicy crunch. I think you’d like it! I wonder, are you including the full nutrition breakdown for the granola with the salads? This was delicious, a really unusual combination. :), This salad sounds amazing! :). I’m so glad you enjoy the cayenne, too. In a medium bowl, toss the oats, pistachios, almonds, sunflower seeds, sesame seeds, fennel seeds, salt, and cayenne pepper. The savory granola is a touch that adds crunch and flavor balanced out with the sweet strawberries. I’ve made it multiple times already! Yes, Grace is the friend I kept mentioning. Thanks for sharing it with your friends, too! You’re basically adding some freshly toasted, spiced nut mix to salad—clearly a good idea. I’ll bet they were perfect combined with the kale. See our, Please let me know how it turned out for you! The cayenne gives such a wonderful unexpected flavor to the granola. Hey Lauren, thank you! I made this salad again today for the first time this year. Hey Sarah! Such a good idea! avocado citrus crunch salad with oat croutons. i love kale and strawberries. I thought, “Well, if all the cool kids are doing it…” and immediately got up to make some. What a beautiful spring salad! This is so unusual as compared to most UK salads. The salad itself was kind of plain and for some reason the kale didn’t soften up the way it usually does with kale. I would never think to put strawberries in a salad, but this looks heavenly. Awesome job, Kate! Let me know if you try it again. Google “lawn service,” probably. Make it vegan: Add diced avocado instead of goat cheese. Also, I’m intrigued by the savory croutons, I need to try. (You know what else strawberries go well with? It’ll keep well for a couple of months. I’ve honestly never thought of making savory granola before. I’m going to be honest – I was skeptical about this…I typically don’t like fruit in my salad. I’m happy to hear everyone enjoyed this one. Trust me. I really appreciate you sharing my blog. {"cookieName":"wBounce","isAggressive":false,"isSitewide":true,"hesitation":"30","openAnimation":false,"exitAnimation":false,"timer":"","sensitivity":"","cookieExpire":"30","cookieDomain":"","autoFire":"","isAnalyticsEnabled":true}. Massaging the kale helps make the leaves more palatable, flavorful and fragrant. Also check out How Sweet Eats’ avocado citrus crunch salad with oat croutons. Delish! I’m glad it worked with what you had on hand, Bonnie! Thanks for the tip, Bonnie! Top that with savory, nutty granola “crouton” clusters for a hearty and healthy meal in a bowl. For a fee, of course—a fee that I will gladly pay. This looks tremendous. Beware, that granola is addictive. yum! Your comments make my day. Now I’m wondering if it’s because I baked the granola directly on my baking sheet the first time around, rather than lining the sheet with parchment paper like I did on my second and third tries. :), great recipe!! Oh man! :). This looks so good and so fresh! I popped over and read your Food & Wine blogger spotlight – I’m a KC native so I love to hear when transplants fall in love with the city, too! Anyway, I’m sorry you all didn’t love it! Hope you love this savory granola, Tess! Make it gluten free: Be sure to use certified gluten-free oats. My belly and heart are happy. This was probably the best salad I’ve ever eaten! So did my husband. I’ve been making a strawberry avocado kale salad for years but this nutty granola addition is totally floating my boat. Love your update. Thank you, Angela! Maybe I’ll run into you and Cookie walking around Loose Park sometime this summer :). Love kale salads for lunch, and love your index of 12 different ones—please keep them coming! The granola makes enough for many more salads and I assume I can just freeze it to have ready for next time.