Available as an e-book in PDF file format for instant download to your computer once your order is processed. i had this book back in the 80s , i lended it out to someone and never got it back .hope the dude used the tips in it . Download Ultimate 10 x 10 Mass Work Out. The forums are good but a little vague. One of the things that make this tome (800 pages) so valuable, is the author’s emphasis of placing body building within the context of a healthy lifestyle. His low carb, high protein diets must have seemed really weird back then. 1. To lose fat, he says “eat less”. All Rights Reserved. However, for such a slim book, the author has included a wealth of information. This book is available as a physical copy and a digital PDF download.--The one and only Vince Gironda - the "Iron Guru" - world-renowned trainer of the greatest physique stars for over 50 years - presents the most revolutionary and innovative diets and muscle exercise techniques ever published. will teach you a great amount about True Natural Bodybuilding. This is a great help on your way to a perfect body. The concepts in this book can still be applied today, not only to Body Building but Sports and Fitness in general. InVINCEable? Too many out there try to put their own slant on Vince`s methods and in doing so lose sight of Vince`s intent , Daryl stays true to the original blueprint. He hated powerlifting and squatting. way too thin wallet :-/, Daryl, in no uncertain terms pays the ultimate and utmost tribute to the “master.” His words emanate from the heart as you will soon discover, and will solidify and carry on the legend and legacy of Vince, which must be done! When i do this diet, i make friday and monday carb days and stay with raw eggs (mix 6 in blender with scoop of whey and a tablespoon of diet jello and handful of ice), sushi or steak for supper, occasional atkins bar, and a teaspoon of metamucil per day (to avoid the constipation of all meat/egg diet). Go for symmetry instead of bulk. Thanks Daryl for putting this out. At one point, my 2 main passions were Martial Arts and Natural Body Building. 3. He was really into the V shape. • Vince Gironda’s Master Series Volume 1-12, • The Secrets Techniques for Building Muscle, • Daryl’s Own Successful Workout Programs. Read and practice. Upside is diets and how to get shape fast. A Library of workout ideas with great pictures to motivate. is a must have for anyone serious about creating an awesome looking physique. I want to thank Daryl Conant for putting this putting this book together. Lots of great exercises to use. He does not seem to think that a lot of supplements are necessary except maybe just before a contest. A let down was the fact that most of the photos in his book show people hulked out on steroids (not consistent with his philosophy). He also leaves nothing to chance on the range and number of exercises listed, most of which I wouldn’t use, but that’s just a personal preference. Vince GiRonda used a 6×6 training method to sculpt some of the greatest physiques the world has seen, including the great Larry Scott. Available as an e-book in PDF file format for instant download to your computer once your order is processed. I am glad I’ve got hold of it. So many insights from the great man himself. Of course, if you are out of shape, that doesn’t mean you can’t get something from this book. Over the decades, Vince Gironda trained many physique champions, as well as Hollywood celebrities such as Clint Eastwood. With that said, I’ve read my share of books on the subject of Bodybuilding and Vince Gironda’s book the “Wild Physique” is one of the best (if not the best) books I’ve read on the subject. Get a copy of Men’s health and a copy of muscle and fitness…now ask the women you know which group of men (out of which magazine) would they want to choose their next vacation partner. Also good tips on aspects of weight training and nutrition ideas. No hype no selling just great advice. Daryl Conant’s NEWLY REVISED book InVINCEable. With his clothes off he looks strong but not too bulky and the symmetry and vascualrity give him the “wild [and healthy] physique” of a Tarzan. All Rights Reserved. With over 800 pages, InVINCEable? Willing to work for it? I’ve been an athlete (now Coach and Trainer) for 20 years. The methods of Vince Gironda as taught to Daryl Conant. This book is simply a gold mine of information! He also mentions that a guy with a short neck should not work the traps specifically. He says he has no patience for fat. Unfortunately the sport has been taken over by a bunch of chemically induced freaks. Find books I think this is a great book for bodybuilding enthusiasts who have never heard of Vince Gironda and his methods. He makes an important point to take the endocrinal system into account when planning workouts (never to failure, variety in both nutrition and exercise). I never did make it out to California during Vince’s life. There is so much misinformation out there regarding ectomorph training, which does not make any sense. The book also contains sections explaining the muscle-building process (protein synthesis) – which sheds light on the need for proper nutrition and adequate supplementation. I used it several times and I have never in my life felt as good as I did following that routine. Gironda is the epitome of what you see is what you get, zero tolerance for bullshit, and if you don't like it or won't put in the necessary willpower to follow a working and "living it" means to building your body, then get out of his gym and his way. Very interesting and logical book which aids true natural body builders reach their goal. A perfect body in my opinion is about health, proportions and function. Uploaded by. Unleashing the Wild Physique by by Vince Gironda This Unleashing the Wild Physique book is not really ordinary book, you have it then the world is in your hands. THE most comprehensive book on Vince’s methods since `The wild physique` . This book will help you to better understand the reasoning behind Vince’s teachings. Some of his ideas on training, nutrition, and supplements were viewed as outright ridiculous. Do both..or do you not think you’re worth it? The one and only Vince Gironda – the “Iron Guru” – world-renowned trainer of the greatest physique stars for over 50 years – presents the most revolutionary and innovative diets and muscle exercise techniques ever published.