Rodney C Lawley (author) from Southeastern United States on February 23, 2017: Thank you for the kind comment Waggtail. I am interested in the Manilla school. Me and YouTube have started learning to weld. Use a fan and work outdoors to control any smoke issues with the wood. Answer: Check with local arts and craft outlets to find other metal artists in your area. So there you have it. Thanks again for a great comment. Can you provide me with the best welding equipment and the list of things he will need? Question: Very nice work. My attempt was to keep this intro simple, as all of those big words can intimidate an artist that is new to welding. Next stop torch welding stainless steel! For this reason, the MIG welder is also a good choice for serious metal artists. by the Egyptians beginning around 3,000 BC. The new-style helmet with the auto-darkening lens is very helpful for new welders, and I do recommend them. This flux-core wire welder is basically the same machine as an MIG, but it does not require the use of compressed gas and it is less expensive when making the initial machine purchase. than a coat hanger, while 30-gauge wire is similar to thread. Don't let anyone discourage you in your quest. Experiment with different wires to find a good finish match for the silver plate and try to hide your welds as much as possible. Your aritcles are full of so much good information and truths "Sure enough, a web search on basic welding techniques will bring up thousands of pages of information for you to sink your teeth into, but the topic is usually delivered in such a complex and technical manner that it is virtually useless to the aspiring welder-artist." You can also use a TIG welder to do pretty much the same operation, but with more focused heat. Thanks! Not having EVER welded before, what you said about the confusing and sheer amount of info out there to sift through is absolutely true. What would be the best kind of welder to use for me? My stick welder will blast through rust, but an MIG (described below) will not weld well unless the surface in clean. Jason from Indianapolis, IN. Choose the Right Voltage to Power Your Welder: Welding your own steel gate can be a snap once you learn the basics. Much useful information though would love to have some hands on instruction before I purchase anything. The TIG positive lead is a small gun that generates the welding arc when it gets close to the ground metal. Now having read your post I'm even more excited , So again THANK YOU!! By the 1920's, At any rate, Ive been working on stars and crosses ('tis the season), and have been using 1/8 steel rod. Answer: Thank you for the kind words. This is not the vision a successful artist wants to project. As long as the two metals are the same steel, they should melt at the same temp and flow together for a good weld. Answer: Yes...and no. Start with a piece of wire at A good-quality auto-darkening helmet can run from about $50 to several hundred dollars, depending on quality. There are three basic types of welding machines that are used by artists today. At university I had access to a resistance spot welder but these are very expensive and at times too powerful for the pieces anyway. Welding is a skill that I use regularly in my art work and even for building special tools. There are numerous video tutorials available on Youtube and other video-based websites that will assist you in learning this new skill. For example, a 16-gauge wire is slightly thinner Particularly if you reside in the USA. Sorry Jessnel. I have an old Miller Dial Arc that is still my favorite welder of the three that I own. Rodney C Lawley (author) from Southeastern United States on May 01, 2019: Great Tips! Sure enough, a web search on basic welding techniques will bring up thousands of pages of information for you to sink your teeth into, but the topic is usually delivered in such a complex and technical manner that it is virtually useless to the aspiring welder-artist. The project I want to do involves welding, but Im not sure what materials are available. TIG is also the most expensive of the three options, offering superior quality and control in return for the investment. Question: My husband has just retired and wants to learn to weld. Although your thoughtfulness is fantastic, I would leave the purchase of the welding machinery to the artist. USA on March 05, 2015: Lately it seems the oxyacetylene torch has been more useful to me. Cut a piece of wire at least three times as long as the desired Thanks for the question, and don't forget to be safe in all cutting and welding procedures. and don't relax your grip. A hole new door has opened for my metal art explorations. thicker the wire. TIG applications can be very useful for artists working in steel, aluminum, or other non-ferrous metals, but the process is the most difficult to learn and is known to be the slowest of the three procedures. Just thought that I would post and let you know, A great possibility for me and it was a superb knowledge to view this site. With proper chamfered edges, it will even butt weld 3/8” square steel bar. If it is relatively thin, then yes. If you have, you know that getting this basic information in a simple, easily-digestible format, is a really tough nut to crack. to secure. If necessary, place some padding between the wire and the doorknob Could you give me a recommendation? This welder is the least expensive of the three to purchase, but it does require a moderate level of skill and experience in order to obtain a quality weld. They can help you find nearby training classes. I am sure New Jersey has many good opportunities for training. A sloppy weld will tell a customer that you are incompetent, lazy, or both. Welding is not rocket science, but it is a very dangerous activity if you don't know what you are doing. Thank you for your comment. This non-technical information will prepare you for more advanced discussions that can be found elsewhere on the internet. Finally, make sure that you have ALL of the safety equipment required before you strike your first arc. Just wanted to give the budding artist another choice if the cost of a gas MIG outfit initially chased them off. Another common machine that is very popular is the MIG welder. Question: I really want to learn how to weld for both repairs on the farm and to start making art pieces. I remember searching through dozens of welding websites trying to learn which welding machine was the best choice for an artist interested in metal sculpture. you more control over the wire. Is a plasma machine a welder or a cutter? I also had one of those welders at one time, and I had a similar experience with obtaining quality results. Wire Sculpture. Remember, as artists our welds don't have to support a bridge or pass muster from a certified inspector, but the quality of your weld can make or break your reputation as an artist or craftsman. Play with scrap first and learn what you can do. I am an artist, but have never welded. Additionally, all TIG machines can also be used as general arc welders with only minor adjustments necessary to the setup. Rodney C Lawley (author) from Southeastern United States on August 19, 2012: Glad the information helped Maerdit. I am an accomplished painter, illustrator wanting welding to be a huge part of my expanding art endeavors. No wire speed control either. Go ahead, shop now. For an even twist, hold the wire horizontally I attended some training at a marine welding school in Manila, and it was good training for me. I recommend trying out the thinner-diameter wire (.o23) at the correct setting for your thickness, then spot weld it instead of attempting a bead. But conditions are spartan in many cases, and one should consider the possibility of accidents while in a foreign country. Try to find a friend or a fellow artist that uses one or both of these machines, and ask him if he would take thirty minutes to an hour to show you the basics of each. Do you have any tips or advice to help the out come of my art look more professional? Some spoons are stainless steel, and some are silver plated copper. Im not a numbers person, so beyond the name, I pretty clueless. Lastly, there is the TIG welder. welding together flattened steel/iron nails (more likely steel) at a few mm thick at most. You can use a small Acetylene torch to weld them together, with or without filler metal-depending on your piece. So excited for this new journey. Answer: This is tough to answer without knowing your price range and what your husband wants to do with his welding projects. Now I'm just a bit flummoxed about how to outfit myself to do this safely without breaking the bank.