Most of the time,the seeds had a good to excellent germination rate and produced good crops. Should have checked reviews before I ordered. seed savers my second, southern exposure ordered once great experience and Territorial seed company is great as well good experience I didn’t like Johnny’s I ordered one seed pack it’s was over 13.00 dollars just too expensive the seeds didn’t even germinate huge waiste of money. -Eric, Hi Mike, I apologize for this experience. I would like to help you out in this situation. Please check out resources available to you at If you are able, please email with "ATTN: Eric" in the subject line and we'll make this right for you. No response. I ordered backup seed packets from Amazon 2 days after ordering from Park Seed and have received them yesterday. They sent a copy of my order! All the seeds I received never germinated, so now I have to go and buy the plants. Tried to call customer service and you know there are serious problems when no one answers. I put my trust in a supposedly reputable company and was let down by Park Seed. Counted them- far less than 50 seeds. I disputed with my card! Location of This Business20 Palmer Ave # 1, Cottage Grove, OR 97424-9590Email this Business, Need to file a complaint? They didn’t address the length of time or where the other seeds are. It was a very brief conversation. Going to try another source. I just contacted Park Seed and was informed that the seeds were under a 90 day warranty which was now "expired", so I was out of luck. Discount Code Territorial Seed Company. I ordered 10 packets of their "superior grower" seeds. You can learn lot about gardening by reading seed catalogs. If that did not happen, then we will work to improve. I see the email telling people to write to Eric. I ordered seeds in February during a sale. Except the carrots, too late now. Territorial Seed Company. This has unfortunately led to a backlog in customer communication. It shows that a 2nd shipment was sent in May but not into USPS system yet. Please e-mail us at with the subject "Attn:Jarrod.". Ordered product waited a week and then had to call in to see where it was at. This business is in an industry that may require professional licensing, bonding or registration. Tried to reach out to support THREE TIMES in the past few weeks with no response. So after I placed the order I ended up paying more for the shipping than the actual order.I wrote to them about it and I never got a response from them.Very unprofessional and lacking customer service. The kale is wonderful and delicious! No response. I would agree with the poor reviews and…Worst Company Ever! Got the sponges and NO seeds. In the Spring I purchased and received two sorts of parsley seeds. My Mom and I have sent for seeds from this company for the past 25 years. Share your voice on I spent almost $100.00 on flower seeds (possibly more). 5 stars for customer service, 2 stars for seed germination, so I upped my review to 3 stars. I also share the same disappointment as others on this site. I asked them to take my farm off their list. I am working through PayPal to try to clarify the charges supposedly on an order placed and received 2 months ago. Sent them an email. If you are able, please email with "ATTN: Eric" in the subject line and we'll make this right for you. Never received my order. I emailed the company twice before they got back to me. After checkout, they charged me $22 for shipping, but during checkout they didn't add that amount. My second try of soaked seeds had zero sprouts. You still get no response. ALSO NEVER RECIEVED THE REST OF MY ORDER or a refund. PEYTON BALDWIN. When there are unexpected shortages, we do try to notify our customers. I was told that I was issued a refund...never happened.I bought 3 bareroot geraniums. I'd like to help address this issue. If you are able, please email with "ATTN: Eric" in the subject line and we'll make this right for you. I would never order from them again. In Park Seeds defense they did ask me if I would like a refund. ", We sincerely apologize for the issues you have encountered. We sincerely apologize for the issues you have encountered. I was then told they couldn’t ship it because they don’t have any and are no longer stocking that item. Ripped off. They are not. Also, please note, we only charge for what we ship at time of shipment. For the premium price they charge you would expect some decent plants but not the case. And btw, no seed pack was dated! I can't imagine how they treat their own employees, when they sell bad seed, and don't respond to the clients. BBB encourages you to check with the appropriate agency to be certain any requirements are currently being met. Ordered March 5th and Received about 1/2 my order the first of May. ... reviews and/or responses on this website to affirm that the information provided is accurate. After 45 mintues on the phone they agreed to ship what they had in stock "and send the rest later". I soaked them 24 hours and planted half directly into a long window box with the intent to thin. Ordered 3 phlox plants. I have had fairly good experience with Park Seed for several years. Some of the sources of information BBB relies on are temporarily unavailable. I wish I didn't order from them and won't ever do so again. -Eric, Hi Ben, I apologize for this experience. A family-owned company for over 30 years, Territorial Seed Company is another favored place to buy seeds online. The online versions of seed company catalogs are quick and easy to use.