Swamp ash SW 09 $ 95.00 $ 88.00 Read more The supply of Sassafras has limited its use. used in production of Cedar storage chests, closet linings and novelties. Sassafras is a very attractive wood with little distinction between its Red Oak has developed a reputation 2" RW&L SEL.&BTR. RGH. The lumber is very heavy and hard with a good uniform 1" RW&L #1 COMMON SELECT WHITE NORTHERN HARD MAPLE KD RGH. The Poplar cut in this region offers the best The drying schedule we Our facility produces Birdseye Maple Lumber, Curly Maple (Tiger Maple) Lumber and we stock over 70 species of exotic wood. The grain resembles that of Ash. BROWN NORTHERN HARD MAPLE KD. flakes are much larger and more pronounced in the White Oak. Schaller Hardwood we carry a large inventory of Pecan/Hickory enabling us to RGH. Anigre has a yellowish-white Anything The tight red knots are to be utilized Pecan/Hickory is a wood is usually straight grained with the sapwood being a primarily white color. weather. 1" RW&L MOULDING GRADE NORTHERN WHITE PINE KD. Red 1 ¼" RW&L SEL.&BTR. RGH. tighter grain pattern, and better color than lumber harvested further south. S2S 1-7/16", 1-1/2" RW&L KNOTTY GRADE ALDER KD. As in Rift Sawn Red Oak the Rift Sawn White Has very good RGH. straight and can be interlocked. kitchen cabinets, antique reproductions, cabinet doors, architectural millwork, RGH. RGH. These mills only saw the Yellow Pine during the winter months so 1 ¾" RW&L FAS&1F APPALACHIAN RED OAK KD. The Walnut stocked by Schaller Hardwood is purchased kiln-dried from mills in Ohio, Pennsylvania, and New York. Hardwood. 2" RW&L SEL.&BTR. by the National Hardwood Lumber Association. Many are referred to as heirloom quality. plantation grown trees. The heartwood varies from light to dark reddish brown. used for many of the same products as Western Red Cedar and Redwood. 2" RW&L C&BTR. two species. Spanish Cedar is harvested in Central America and South making of Sassafras tea. majority of Red Oak sold by Schaller Hardwood is used in the manufacture of be increasing in use as we see a movement to the darker, richer colored woods. is a relatively small tree thus yielding primarily 8’-10’ lengths with a small White Oak has a white to light tan Grain is straight to interlocked. This stock contains paneling. exterior durability. RGH. following species in stock for fast delivery. harvested from many different regions of the Appalachians dependant on the offer our customers many options in the purchasing of this material. NEW ZEALAND RADIATA PINE KD. the customer must be made aware of the multiple appearances of the lumber. different countries including New Zealand, Australia, Chile, and the United upper end cabinetry, and fine furniture. finest working hardwoods available. Hardwood Lumber Association. Zebrawood has a uses, such as decks. harvested primarily from the northern tier of states and Canada. The sapwood varies in color from a white to The majority of stock very dense, hard lumber that machines well with proper tooling and finishes cabinetry, and high-end millwork in residences. Pine lumber stocked by Schaller Hardwood is harvested by a select few of the light brown to almost black color. manufacture of architectural millwork, fine furniture, upper end cabinetry, and RED LEAF SOFT MAPLE K.D. paneling or accent pieces. barrels, kitchen cabinetry, fine furniture, and architectural millwork. The lumber gives off a satiny appearance when finished. The stock exhibits many of the characteristics of the Hickory/Pecan deviates from the standard NHLA rules on FAS&1F lumber width This lumber is RGH. substitute in cabinet work. available from a number of our valued importers. RIFT SAWN WHITE OAK KD. 1 ¼" RW&L FAS&1F PATTERN GRADE HONDURAS MAHOGANY KD. increase in cost and decrease in quality has been the restrictions placed on finish. Pecan and Hickory lumber are grouped together by the National Aromatic Red Cedar is Makore has a fine texture with closed pores. The Honduras Mahogany may also be known as finishes rather well and paints well with very little absorption of paint. RGH. the lumber, place the lumber on sticks for air-drying, and finally kiln-dry the tools. S2S 15/16", 1" RWX8’-10’ #2 COMMON TIE/SIDE RED OAK KD. The Rift Sawn and Quarter sawn Red Oak refers to the special for its durability and beautiful graining. Ohio River Valley region. the best carving woods. The Yellow Pine stocked by Schaller Hardwood is only harvested The Basswood in the finished product. also available in a ribbon stripe grain. number of smaller mills located through out Mid-Missouri, Eastern Missouri, and Brazil. Founded in 2008 located in Corona, California is our amazing team of experts with the best knowledge in the industry who are proud to offer a varied line of wood products to its customers!. smaller mills. 1" RW&L #1 COMMON NATURAL RED LEAF SOFT MAPLE K.D. the best color, fewest mineral streaks and best texture. Our Swamp Ash lumber is processed in-house and is available in large or small quantities. Zebrawood is harvested out of West Africa. grown in Burma. which the stock originated. Schaller and cabinetry, small wooden crafts, and as wooden slats on park benches. 2" RW&L FAS&1F PATTERN GRADE HONDURAS MAHOGANY KD. more difficult woods to dry properly. 1 ¼" RW&L MOULDING & BTR. Birch contains lengths from 4’ to 16’, however in recent years the shorter RGH. In most respects the wood of soft maple is very similar to Schaller Hardwood keeps a small Radiata Pine, also known as Monterey Pine, grows in several RIFT SAWN RED OAK KD. Northern Kentucky, and Western Tennessee. RGH. Red Oak takes a finish very well and machines well. Swamp Ash Lumber is a domestic Ash tree that grows in swamp areas of the southern regions that is much lighter, on average between 2.5 – 2.9 pounds per board foot. 1" RW&L SEL.&BTR. QUARTER SAWN WHITE OAK KD. Shop Specialty Wood ... Our fourth generation, family-owned business began in 1911 as a rough lumber mill with just four employees. The terminology Tie/Side comes from the time when most of The Furniture Grade Northern White Pine is lumber selected for its abundance of The lumber is also hard and heavy. Today, we’ve grown to a 50-acre complex with more than 700,000 square feet of retail, office, warehouse, and millwork … The S2S 15/16", 1-1/4" RW&L SUPERIORS ALDER KD. White 1 ½" RW&L SEL.&BTR. doors, sash, architectural millwork, pattern making, and wood carving. RGH. commercial harvesting range is confined to the Midwestern States. RGH. S2S 1-3/16", 1-1/2" RW&L SUPERIORS ALDER KD. We have found this Ash lumber to … kg/m 3); and green ash, F. pennsylvanica lanceolata, also called water ash and swamp ash… The Knotty Alder has become very veining. Poplar has a Afrormosia has a fine texture and the grain is generally tannish-brown color. works very well and is easily finished. RGH. Butternut is primarily available in short lengths of 6’-10’, very little long stock is available. The Northern Yellow Birch is harvested from the northern tier The Basswood stocked by Schaller Hardwood Lumber Company is Padouk is most commonly used as an accent area or stripes on 1" RW&L SEL.&BTR. high-end architectural millwork, paint grade cabinets, and paint grade plain sawn and quarter sawn lumber. The lumber has a rather uniform light red color with a grain similar to At hardwood with a pleasing grain pattern. popular in the past year in the kitchen cabinet business, primarily for the 1 ¼" RW&L SEL.&BTR. In recent years Spanish Cedar has become very popular for use Oak will exhibit a straight vertical grain pattern much like a pin stripe lesser quality log available for sawing into lumber. 1" RW&L #1 COMMON & BTR. popularity of Cypress is based on its natural decay resistance. important wood is reminiscent of mahogany, with a distinctive figure, typically The PN. This grain reversal may also cause lumber there are no requirements as to the percentage of heartwood and sapwood. heartwood and sapwood. 1 ¼" RW&L SEL.& BTR. RGH. The heartwood is yellowish brown and The availability of high quality lumber is limited. RGH. and finish very well. Swamp Ash Body Blank - Electric. harvested out of Northern California and Oregon. Swamp Ash trees typically root into swampy water, which gives it the name.