Le AD18 est celui que je te recommande le plus (puissance, fonctions…etc) par contre pour le subwoofer c’est un port « mini optique » comme un jack donc pense à acheter le bon câblage Coax > mini optique. With some budget amplifiers it’s not uncommon for the sound to start to distort at moderate volumes. I auditioned some KEF Q100’s versus the ELAC Debuts 6.2 last year and fell in love with the KEF’s! I've since upgraded to Yamaha rx-a780 for true analog vinyl listening, and surround sound amongst other things and can honestly say imo the ad18 is a great amp, and I think that thread is a bogus report on it, and I just wanted that to be known. Today I’m going to review the SMSL AD18 Stereo Amplifier and how it can turn a mediocre audio setup into an audiophile’s dream setup. Still under warranty for a year. What’s going on everyone my name is Myxo. I wanted to pair some passive speakers like the Micca MB42X with an amp/avr for a simple 2.0/2.1 setup for now. Hey all, Like the title suggests, I have an smsl ad 18 (the newest revision) that has a sub out. Before my upgrade to the, Using a home theater receiver or amplifier would have been far too big and bulky for a minimalist desktop solution, so here entered the. SMSL AD18 パワーアンプ DACデコーダー 80Wx2 DSP Bluetooth4.2 AD18がパワーアンプストアでいつでもお買い得。当日お急ぎ便対象商品は、当日お届け可能です。アマゾン配送商品は、通常配送無 … AD18 is not just a 80w Digital Amplifier: it’s a jack-of-all trades and hyper-versatile unit! The motorcycles seems to be in front of you. Total budget is around ~$300 USD. The AD18 is just under $150 and the Denon AVR is $199 refurbished on Accessories4Less. I picked up the Anthem MX500 AVR, so I’m enjoying some amazing and clear surround sound. An excellent upgrade compared to my Mission LX1. I had a look at this article couple of days ago and well now I'm even more lost. Or in John Wick 3 the motorcycles scene at the beginning I have this same feeling. So many choices and lots of them are not good. The only bad audio system, is the one you don't enjoy to the fullest. Ideally I would prefer to go with a AVR as I'm a movie guy but same here I've a limited budget. Later on you can upgrade your amp. For YouTube videos I usually put it at 20. It uses the TI TAS5508C and TAS5342A chipset, but is assembled with the intention to look good and save desktop space. Just read as much as I could and tried to avoid all the "beginner" traps.... typically cheap sub is a huge NO etc. While the maximum volume output of the AD18 goes up to 36 for headphones, by level 20, my AKG’s were screaming which ensures there is plenty of headroom left in the amp for higher impedance headphones. I perceive the AD18 to only start to distort at high volumes, which is pretty good for a $150 amplifier. No audiophile here so take it with a grain of salt. Le Q5 Pro sera le moins cher (~70~80€). What do you think of the SMSL paired with the Speakers? Connect it to your computer and use … Grâce au DAC SMSL AD18 redécouvrez l'audio ! It comes with a USB cable, antenna, power supply, and a remote control.Specs: Signal-to it is clearly a multimedial setup/living room oriented model, aside from other integrated models such as the sa-50 or the icepower ones. Tbh respect goes to all the strangers out there. Nice setup . had it powering Elac b6.2's and it made them sing! This is definitely one of my favorite purchases of 2018. My … Netflix and movies a little bit higher going to a max of 30 (you can go up to 60 on the Smsl). I have an ad18 and used it as my desk setup for a while, it's a nice little unit. While the AD18 can be used for multiple purposes other than connecting it to a PC for audio, this review is going to focus on a desktop audio experience. Bluetooth DAC, Power & Headphone Amplifier A compact, versatile DAC/amp for powering your entire audio setup, the SMSL AD18 supports a wide range of inputs, including USB, optical, coaxial, auxiliary, and Bluetooth 4.2. 350 euros instead of 575. I have an ad18. The AD18 is a compact 2.1 amplifier, but don’t let its small foot print fool you. Even pricey one. From the little knowledge I've gathered in the audio department there is a resemblance with photography. I picked up the same speakers for roughly the same price about 6 months ago, very happy with them! That guy in that link only measure from the from headphone output which uses a different amp than the speaker outputs on the ad18. It's a 3.5 mm output dedicated for subwoofers. These speakers took up a lot of desk top real-estate, so I knew for my upgrade I was aiming for something more compact; all while delivering higher fidelity sound than the M-Audios. Haha, A friend of mine had ELAC 6.2 and loved them. New to all this, and trying to compare the SMSL AD-18 to the Q5 pro. Today I’m going to review the SMSL AD18 Stereo Amplifier and how it can turn a mediocre audio setup into an audiophile’s dream setup. This should be enough for the average consumer; however, if you have headphones rated at a higher impedance of 150 ohms, I’d recommend a dedicated headphone amp such as the mica origen. We focus on education, discussion, and sharing of entry and mid level separate & multi component audio systems. Waiting for a good used Denon is my best strategy for now. Today I’m going to review the, I decided I wanted to upgrade my audio setup while trying to achieve a more minimalist aesthetic. If you go to page 3 on that link you can read peoples comments about it. Its internal class D amplifier delivers 80watts per channel @ 4 ohms which is plenty enough power for any desk setup.