A combination of Content Analysis and Narrative analysis were used to examine the responses from, ... Primary data (Ajayi, 2007) was collected for this study. x�uQMO1��ՠ���%��L�_W/�0�xO(xpI����.� ��y���{Ӯ 1`�?0k��K�ŏZ)�e5-�e�V�� �R�#X*���BǼ�?�|�&��+���Ɩ�&�x��c�}D1(P��-�q�,�$D�8u���I5� N��i�0P���*���{xQ�@hu������\�cbߥ^�TKN_�d��/���. This article presents a taxonomy that is grounded in the findings of a Strategy-as-Practice (SaP) study undertaken within the public higher education sector. The framework of governmentality was used as a heuristic tool to explore the modalities of the Taiwan government and their effects on ESD policymaking. �I�ΐ�N1���E! endobj All rights reserved. The IS manager depends largely on being able to successfully lay down some mechanisms and practices in his/her efforts to align business and IS strategies. This article explores the process of teaching and learning qualitative research with and without the use of software, based on the experiences of students and instructors in a graduate-level research course. The analysis of the quantitative data was done with the help of MS Excel and the qualitative data was analysed by converting the interviews into transcript using MAXQDA and through manual thinking. This paper presents a variety of data analysis techniques described by 31 0 obj This policy ethnography focuses on a nationwide environmental and sustainability education policy that was developed and enacted in response to United Nations’ call for mainstreaming Education for Sustainable Development (ESD). Two cases, operating under the auspices of Ireland’s Institutes of Technology (IIT), were chosen to explore how the alignment of business and information systems (IS) strategies is practiced by IS managers in the public higher education sector. Financial inclusion is also considered a core topic due to its ability to reduce poverty, boost prosperity and accelerate development. B. Most of these studies have focused on the impact of Mobile Money in terms of financial inclusion which refers to “The share of individuals and firms that use financial services” (World Bank Group, 2014). A�TyC�ic�>?s�U The history of Mobile Money definitely lends itself to the realization of this initial goal. Since the study follows a mixed model, the quantitative analysis of the study will analyse the popular tools using questionnaire and the qualitative study of finding the motivation behind selecting these tools will be evaluated through a series of interviews. Advancements in computer software have lead to increased use of computers to assist researchers with qualitative data analysis. Thus, it has been investigated that there were good responses from students regarding the use of role-play as a substantial activity for teaching dramatic texts in class. The major findings of the study exposed that moststudents highly received motivational awareness through the suggested classroom methodology. endobj For getting a clear understanding of the impact of dramatic text teaching through acting, we tempt to prove the extent to which the suggested activity can be effective for students through the different methodologies used in class using a case study method with a questionnaire designed for teachers of drama collecting their views about the possibility of achieving efficient results. The results indicate that the main foods in KTC are; crops, and poultry, fish, beef, and goat meats. ), local chicken (Gallus gallus domesticus), cocoyam (Colocasia esculenta), mangoes (Mangifera indica), apples (Malus domestica), sorghum (Sorghum bicolor) and chicken eggs. Analysis, Discourse Analysis and Grounded Theory. Drawing on the study results, recommendation on ESD governance is proposed. <> Analyzing data • Qualitative data needs to be organized to be of use • Use external representations of data: serve three purposes – Manage complexity of the data • Single digit versus six digit multiplication – Externalizes the data so that it is collectively owned • Model focuses interaction around data In Darla Twale (Ed. 14 0 obj Towards a culturally responsive pedagogy in re... NİTEL ARAŞTIRMA YÖNTEMİNE SAHİP TEZLERİN BAZI DEĞİŞKENLER AÇISINDAN İNCELENMESİ. 13 0 obj Qualitative data analysis is an iterative and reflexive process that begins as data are being collected rather . <> 2T��! 27 0 obj All data were analysed using hybrid inductive and deductive thematic analyses. The analysis tools used should also assist in answering the research questions accurately (Creswell and Plano Clark, 2011). Kawulich, B. students of qualitative research methods. Miles and A. Michael Huberman. stream KTC obtains most food from outside its boundaries. Language teachers and educationalists have implemented several potentials of examining literary texts for the benefit of the language learner. <> (����QQB. endobj x��VMo7El����Ǝ���9j�"Q�D^�R��b����Uq ;����ګq���kAz"?�>�H}��ś��ş����R��^N�b;�;�y�O��y����}_���������ݫnrg��N|��i�]���_��Czf�_�ǭ؏���X}*=��Y��ew�Ά(i�:F����q�Q*���C%�K We applied a methodology within the interpretive paradigm that integrates three research pillars comprising integrative framework for SaP, constructivist grounded theory coding and case research methodology. Indeed, it tempts to demonstrate the practical handling of dramatic acting by transposing a dramatic text on stage in class.