Critical evaluation of experimental solubility data..... 151 18.2. Solubility of Pyrene in Binary Alkane + Alcohol Solvent Mixtures..... 151 18.1. Mohan R, Lorenz H, Myerson AS. It is found that the extent of solubilization strongly depends on the solute hydrophobicity and the ethanol concentration in the solvent mixture. Pyrene is a polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbon (PAH) consisting of four fused benzene rings, resulting in a flat aromatic system. Pyrene solubility data in binary alkane + primary alcohol solvent mixtures ..... 152 18.3. References. AB - The log–linear solubilization model was applied to the experimental solubility data of 109 organic compounds in ethanol/water mixtures. Acknowledgements. 1. The solubilities of phenanthrene, anthracene, fluoranthene and benzo[a]pyrene in ethyl lactate/water and ethanol/water mixtures were measured using equilibr … The chemical formula is C 16 H 10.This yellow solid is the smallest peri-fused PAH (one where the rings are fused through more than one face). The mole fraction solubility of IND was highest in pure ethanol (2.50 x 10(-3) at 298.15 K) as compared to pure water (4.48 x 10(-8) at 298.15 K) at each temperature. It was found that the decreased pyrene solubility in water led to large amounts of intra- and intermolecular pyrene aggregation. Notes. The solubilities of chrysene, perylene, benzo[a]pyrene, pentachlorobenzene, and hexachlorobenzene in ethanol/water mixtures were experimentally determined, and the results fit well into the model. The optimum conditions for benzo[a]pyrene extraction from soil are described including the soil treatment by subcritical water at 250 degrees C and 100 atm for 30 min. Solubility data of recalcitrant contaminants in cosolvents is essential to determine their potential applications in enhanced soil remediation. 21106110). ethanol and in water to determine how pyrene solubility affects the behavior of the polymers in solution, as probed by time-resolved fluorescence. Keywords TG Solubility Pyrene 1-Pentanol This is a preview of subscription content, log in to check access. The authors are grateful to Science Foundation of China (NSFC, No. Phenothiazine solubility data in binary ethanol + 1,2-propanediol solvent mixtures 151 18. Pyrene forms during incomplete combustion of organic compounds. Then the dissolution enthalpy and entropy of pyrene were predicted from the solubility data using van’t Hoff equation. The log-linear solubilization model was applied to the experimental solubility data of 109 organic compounds in ethanol/water mixtures.