The quality management approach for the LTFC project will ensure quality is planned for both the product and processes. But there are a few key players who should be involved, regardless of how your team is structured: Teams may have a specific test engineer role, which should also be involved at the beginning. This section of the Quality Management Plan should contain a sample or useable table/log to be used in taking quality measurements and comparing them against standards/requirements. A quality management plan is a vital component of a project management plan, as it defines how quality policies of the said organization must be implemented. It can be possible to miss anything which is important for your project. Additionally, there should also be an explanation of how the project will demonstrate compliance with those identified quality standards. A regression test is a detailed test plan that often defines a few different “happy paths” your users may take. The present document gives a practical guidance to coordinator, coordinating bodies and project partners for checking the progress of the project and assuring the quality of its outputs. Developers may engage in test-driven-development. The LTFC Project Manager and the project team will perform assessments at planned intervals throughout the project to ensure all processes are being correctly implemented and executed. Process quality for the LTFC project will focus on the processes by which the project deliverable will be manufactured. The LTFC project team will work with the quality group to establish acceptable standards and document these standards for incorporation into both organizational process documents as well as the LTFC project plan. The goal is to create a quality management plan which documents the following: The way the team will implement the quality policy By integrating quality management throughout your work, quality is present at every step. As trial products are measured at pre-determined intervals, we will know that the product is compliant with quality standards once we achieve ten consecutive trial runs resulting of cable which is 100% within acceptable quality control margins. To put this into practice quickly, you can find a quality management template and quality management plan example in the DPM Membership template library. The focus is on the project’s deliverable and the standards and criteria being used will ensure the product meets established quality standards and customer satisfaction. However, it is anticipated that there will be several unique steps in the manufacturing of the LTFC product which will require new quality standards. I illustrate the steps by using a quality management plan template and a quality management plan example in spreadsheet format. Here is where the value of a quality management plan comes into play: You’ve probably considered quality as an aspect of each of your projects pretty often. In order to ensure quality, an iterative quality process will be used throughout the project life cycle. Additionally, all physical measurements will conducted on each produced cable to ensure compliance with established quality standards. © Project Management Docs. Quality improvements are also documented and may be included as an integral part of the Project Management Plan (PMP). The purpose of the Quality Management Plan is to describe how quality will be managed throughout the lifecycle of the project. This iterative process includes measuring process metrics, analyzing process data, and continuously improving the processes.