They are comprised of the same idea, lots of nutrients blended up together but now in one small bowl! Plus eating a breakfast high in protein may help to ease morning sickness as well! But at the same time, eating might be the last thing you want to do. Pregnant or not, starting the day off with a sugar-filled cereal, cinnamon bun, yogurt with high-sugary fruit, donuts or sweet breakfast bars will just send your blood sugar crashing to the floor — and during pregnancy too much of it could lead to gestational diabetes. Notify me of follow-up comments by email. This is loaded up with almond slivers, chia seeds, and hemp hearts! No soft-boiled eggs for you. Spinach is a wonderful vegetable to include in your pregnancy diet as it is rich in many vitamins and minerals necessary in pregnancy! Required fields are marked *. Triple Berry Detox Smoothie from Jen Elizbeth’s Journals, This smoothie is loaded with antioxidants, fiber, and vitamins! Low Carb Steak Breakfast Hash from Simply so Healthy. Because as mothers we all deserve to have that information at our fingertips in an easy to understand and apply format. People who eat a protein-rich breakfast tend to have a more stable metabolism and eat less throughout the day. Pregnancy is such an exciting time of your life. While you could skimp on the toppings to save some time, I really suggest adding these ones in! This is a great pregnancy breakfast because it’s simple, healthy, hydrating, and filled with protein. Not only are each of these breakfast ideas rich in the nutrients you need to be consuming more of now that you’re pregnant, but they are also all easy batch meals! If this is what eating right while pregnant can do, I'm doing it every time! There’s no sugar in the recipe, and no refined flours too. Pure ginger juice is the first ingredient in this brand. Breakfast is the very first meal of the day, but when you are pregnant, it becomes even more essential. (Check out the best protein powders for pregnant moms!). You can see what other moms are saying about it, Click to share on Twitter (Opens in new window), Click to share on Facebook (Opens in new window), Toxins to Avoid During Pregnancy for a More Healthy Baby, What Symptoms to Expect the First Trimester of Pregnancy. I’m super passionate about this subject so could keep going but if you want to learn more about the Perfect Pregnancy Plan you can, . The other ingredients in this omelette include eggs, green and red peppers, and cream cheese. There are so many generalized suggestions as to what you should and should not be eating. Especially during pregnancy because a lot of the time you get bloated very easily. What you eat and your activity levels can actually directly set your baby up for a long healthy life, or do the opposite. During pregnancy, the requirements for certain nutrients is drastically increased! When I was pregnant, eating a healthy breakfast did wonders to give me a good start to each day. So when you are able to stomach a hearty breakfast, this Tuna Omelette is a great pregnancy breakfast idea. Tina develops everyday breakfast recipes on The Worktop, and writes about all things related to breakfast and brunch. To tweak this recipe to make it extra easy to keep down if you have morning sickness: Chinese Steamed Egg is a simple recipe with only 2 ingredients – eggs and water. Cottage cheese was one of the ingredients that kept popping up on every list of “best things to eat while pregnant.”. Oatmeal is an easy and simple breakfast. It’s important to eat a wide range of foods while you are pregnant. This collection of healthy pregnancy recipes includes the best breakfasts to eat in case you have morning sickness. This is a pregnant mama must try breakfast! I use brown rice in this breakfast recipe because brown rice has more nutrients and fiber. This … Oatmeal during pregnancy is one of the best sources of fiber, as well as complex carbohydrates. When you are busy, rushed, and tired (yup, that basically sums up the rest of your life as a mom) it is easy to make poor choices with your diet out of convenience. With delicious sugar-free recipes perfect to satisfy every pregnant mom craving! Learn how your comment data is processed. It can also be a time of mixed health and emotions. All of which are needed during pregnancy. Your email address will not be published. This chia jam recipe is made with just blueberries, chia seeds and a touch of maple syrup. Perfect for pregnancy if you ask me! What you eat during pregnancy is of the utmost importance. It is also loaded with protein, choline, and iron. Plus, there’s no refined sugars in the breakfast recipe. 3.4 Protein. This Spiced Warm Milk and Honey drink is great to have at breakfast while you are pregnant, especially if you are looking to increase your calcium intake.