Care Lighting. The foliage is absolutely stunning and is nicknamed the Polka Dot begonia … Prolonged exposure to bright direct sunlight may burn and scorch their leaves. This Polka Dot Begonia is pretty low-maintenance and grows happily without any fuss. The Polka Dot variety has a series of perfect white spots on the top. Large tresses of immaculate white blooms spill from the strong … Bright to part sunny locations, with morning, evening and winter sun are fine. And for good reason! Water: Polka Dot … This delicate perennial peep is excellent to form indoor decorative table pots, containers and … The Polka Dot Begonia can reach a height of more than one meter. With respect to their shape and pattern, an alternate common name for the Polka Dot Plant is ‘Trout Plant.’ But the main reason this plant has particular clout, is a widely-circulated legend that the Begonia … In garden centres and nurseries you can usually find young plants that look like the ones in the picture above. Polka Dot Begonia (Begonia Maculata) Light: Polka Dot Begonias thrive in bright, indirect light. If the pot placed is at least one meter behind the window, Begonia … Begonia maculata is another houseplant that has taken the plant world by storm and is super popular. Perhaps the most exotic looking plant on our patio, polka-dot begonia has large angel-wing leaves scattered with bright silvery dots.