Take your favorite fandoms with you and never miss a beat. The girl cheerfully introduces herself as Lakishima. Now since this game has been ported to the Switch, the card-selection interface is scrapped and replaced with a circle of the five card types Mario can use in battle. For one last bit of info, the chef tell the gang that while he saw the moustached Boo (Aace) up ahead with the Grand Paint Star a few days ago- something that gets Huey thinking- Bella T has a Mini Paint Star for them right now. Perry also arrives, uncomfortable with the current situation. Marirana finds this sweet, while Khairacles admires Edwin for his changed beliefs in really trusting his friends. To make matters worse, the Slugshrooms and Carrishrooms are joined in their uprising by the third and most dangerous of all the Shroom enemies, the Monstrooms. Using her sorcery, Shadhema once again moves the paint out of Prisma Fountain. Shortly after, the gang end up in parallel Fortune Island’s parallel basement. Unlike the other partners, Huey cannot truly be switched out. In addition to Nabana’s power of card regeneration, Daisy also assists big green by healing some of his health every turn. Without a Paint Star to bring back to “the Master”, Morton fears he won’t be called Morton anymore, but Leston. Desperate, Mario uses enemies summoned by his cards to more clearly fight for him, but they feel the heat from Gonzales’ body, coaxing them to join Kidd so they can feel the same. However, Perry ends up not being a liar, as Aace appears from behind Mario, still bummed out. Mario and the gang proceed to find a huge insect problem, in the form of a much bigger mini Quincada army. Not to be outdone, the lanky Waluigi sinks and surfaces with time as well, pummeling Mario pitiful yet plentiful. Unfortunately, just as Motley remembers how he got here, Splotchleek drops the act and just grabs the clown against his will. Spooked, Mario and Nya want to investigate further, but Huey refocuses their attention on the cheapskate doppelgangers. Mario pokes around the farm house. Kitanu is there to reassure Toadsworth of his worth, thankfully. One by one, most of the other Koopalings present share Roy’s fate. This creepy revelation startles Huey and Louis, the latter remarking he now knows why Orion sometimes felt cold. The blobshroom further chastises himself for controlling Bowser when the Koopa King could be a liability against Splotchleek. Pitholl celebrates his and Cucleer’s retrieval of the Star, while Huey and Edwin are perplexed at the Star resting. The ghostly dueler is also sure Shadhema spending this much time away from her body would cool her off, and posits everyone will just laugh this whole thing off once she’s back. In exchange, every time Mario and friends’ attacks connect with a Black Koopaling, some black paint splatters off them. Mario and Louis near a Pollinator Flower. As if to honor the heroes who assisted Mario, the constellations of almost all his friends appear in the darkened skies. are doing in Port Prisma. At first, Huey is lost for any leads into Shroomsday’s presence. Once Junior brought this up to Bowser, the Koopa King was right on board. Also unusual, both a large gathering of Koopaling and Musketeer minions are scattered across the park. Right before they can enter the inn, however, they hear someone moan in pain. Together, Yellow Rescue Squad descends upon the unconscious target, inflicting a powerful blow. Curious, Huey is stumped where Starmageddon found this substance, or what convinced him obtaining it was a good idea. The big Chain Chomp girl hasn’t forgotten her master, for she smushes Orion with her rolling back and forth. The only two people to ever come to Prism Island, though, are Merlon and-. However, the battle ends before it can even begin when Bolue and the others suddenly stand between Mario’s side and the plant, looking angry at Mario. One alone doesn’t do much, but together, it’s pretty noticeable damage- though not fatal. Thankfully, Edwin keeps Marirana’s spirits up, which the Beepboxer dancer appreciates. That is, until Perry the Goomba steals the Mini-Paint Star before the gang’s eyes. The mere realization there were VIP customers waiting at all sends the collected Vinachio into a panic. Hanging onto the bucket is…a Slurple wearing the same strange garb as the Boosketeer. Before Sledge is defeated, he switches up his tactics. In addition, other familiar and not-so familiar faces make a reprise. Finally, Larry wants to hurry up so he can eat some more delicious meet, wishing Lemmy and Roy were here so this could be finished faster. Hidden in one of the wooded areas is a Double Mini-Paint Star, of Orange and Purple colorations. The next floor turns out to be the top floor. Before anyone, especially a disturbed Mario, can figure out who said that, the bucket is suddenly squeezed of his paint by some unknown spatial force. The two keep trying to assert themselves, until Sporepocalypse upsides Shroomsday. Regardless, Kolorado offers to go with the train fanatic Toad, since there’s something at Starlight Cape he has to check. Mario combines the shard with the others, and it creates the Panic Amulet! His troops were looking through nearly every book the workshop had for information. The direct approach up the ramp doesn’t work, however, as it jump falls down, irritating Edwin. As time was running out, though, the Memphawk and Vellbex variety was reduced to four designs per, rather than each age and gender combination having thee different versions. The status effects of these super-attacks are also still blockable. Stepping on a nearby switch causes the lava to sink down, revealing a way below and some vines. Merlon and Merluvlee are also tied up, while Shroomsday is looking worse for wear. The gang agrees, and like at Sunglow Ridge, a strange void suction sound is heard following impact from the Black Bill. The two compliment each other on their strengths, while gloating on none of the enemies able to challenge them. Their performance actually impresses the huge plant, the beast contemplating their perseverance against such a powerful foe as himself. Recoloring it reveals the victim to be a pink female Pianta. Rather than rejoice, Waluigi and Wario get into another spat. Mario defeats the Shy Guy. There, in addition to a Memphawk boy excited at Draggadn’s revival, the team of do-gooders also see Redd, Bolue, Griinie and Pynk braving the Valley’s heights. It’s not just the inanimate spikes that are a problem either. However, on the roof was Bowser, scouting the Prisma Fountain below, and somehow having beat the Magikoopas there. Considering Aace needs the Grand Paint Stars, and his goal is likely the same as Shroomsday’s, the colossal mushroom admits his blind resentful actions only created more problems. Jaykan starts listening and moving out of her gloom, as Bowser further professes he’s not much of a feely guy and how tough it’ll be when Jaykan has to leave. Caapri stays on the ship, in case Mario and friends need to leave for some reason. The mention of this reminds Enerr T of something- before the plant’s power went out, a shooting star blasted through the window and went into the monitor. Hitting this tree reveals another of the King’s Unfurl Blocks, allowing Mario to Unfurl a bridge further. This calms both creatures greatly, enough to distract them from seeing Shadhema open her hands. Lakitus weren't in the original Color Splash or the first version of Color Splash Recut. Among the goodies inside the flowers, like Battle Cards, coins, and paint, the most precious find is a Blue & Purple Double Mini-Paint Star. One Ninji revealed to Nya’s mom, Ori, that the Juniors almost considered destroying the way back to this world. Lakitu NPCs of both ages and genders. Only two Boosketeers remain, and they raise their swords up to ensure Bowser is injured if he tries another aerial assault. When Huey offers to fix the lighthouse, it finally snaps LD out of his funk, and he asks the gang to follow him. The Slurple introduces himself as Edwin, frantically looking for his hat, coin bag, and a journal his boss lent him. Big mistake. As in, Snifit or Whifit. For Nabana, he boasts he’d be the best with the treasure. They get KO’d for their troubles, and the Boosketeer flees in utter terror. Mario’s masterful acrobatics yield him safe passage across the pit. His friends’ encouragement cheers up Huey, deciding he’s proud to be a Prism Islander. A new Super Warp Hole appears.