You will get the creepy effect that you want from this design. Owls are also symbols of wisdom, knowledge, and transition and it is believed that having an Owl tattoo on your body can even bring good luck for you. The theme is pretty cartoonish but this owl tattoo design looks rather distinct and unique from others. This owl tattoo design with its tribal influence is pretty simple with some beautiful shading effects. A few cultures also portray the owl as a symbol of near-death but most of the cultures have positive connotations associated with the owl. When you go for an owl tattoo design, make sure that you have multiple options to find out what kind of tattoo design that you want. It is pretty amazing. No other creature is more suitable than an owl tattoo to represent the same qualities like wisdom, knowledge, intelligence, etc. I love the beautiful sea blue colored eyes of this amazing owl design. This is a beautiful design that has been executed on the skin of the wearer. It is a beautiful alternative if any other bird seems like too much of a task. I love how colorful this beautiful owl tattoo design is. It is a great design that represents something positive because of the addition of the rose flower which has many positive connotations too. It is a beautiful design with realistic effects. It has a very distinctive characteristic of seeing n the darkness which links it to having various associative meanings. It is another of its deep and dark symbols. Thus, you might have seen the presence of an owl in many horror films too. In the east, they are considered as a good and positive symbol in Feng Shui. It shows the owl in all its details. This owl tattoo design looks pretty creative and sweet. This is a beautiful owl tattoo design on the arm. Here the owl seems to be in a vile mode and looks like a predator who is ready to approach his meal! It has a lot of elements going on like a sailor’s compass, a woman which could be associated with myths related to sailors and sirens, there’s a ship too. This whole upper body owl tattoo design is massive and is definitely a masterpiece. It shows the perfect night scene. If you are a wiseacre or love books probably, this design would be awesome for you. It actually looks very much in rage. This colorful owl tattoo design is very attractive, The neck is a pretty ticky placement area for a tattoo design but yet still, the design is highly visible. An owl tattoo can mean a connection with the extraordinary, a belief – or the wish for a belief – in realms beyond this one. It is a super girly owl tattoo design which is usually made by girls than boys. It is one of the most amazing owl tattoo designs on this list. It really does steal the show. For the owl to denote freedom, you must let the owl tattoo spread its wings in the open and wider. It has many designs and so it can actually be placed on more than one place on the body. The colors add another attractiveness to the whole design. Might it be psychological or in reality, tattoos have helped people boost their confidence level. Owls are usually seen as both positive and negative creatures. You can have them made in simple terms with grey and black inks shades or just colorful watercolor styles. © 2020 (Tattoos For You). I love how colorful this design is. In some cultured people belived that the Owl was the guardian and protector of the dead. Here, the owl seems to be looking at something. This owl design also has a skull added to it which makes it medium in size. This tattoo would look perfect when inked in large size. It would look amazing. This mechanical owl tattoo design looks pretty amazing. It is a  great design that can be made on the armor on the thigh but fo me, the arm is a better placement option. On the other hand, you can also use black ink to sketch the design or get a shaded effect to make it look more aesthetic. I love how creatively is this beautiful owl tattoo design has been made on the arm of the wearer. This owl tattoo design is pretty amazing because it is very realistic. This owl tattoo design with a few flowers looks pretty amazing. The focus here is on the bird’s eyes which looks very realistic. This owl is holding a clock in its claws which probably represents the value of time. I love the background in this one! They can pierce through the darkness and see things clearly which can suggest an ability to focus on main goals during the night time. This owl tattoo design looks pretty mysterious and has a lot of patterns going on. I think colors won’t really look that amazing and it should be kept black and white like it ha been kept. Most people who love having tattoos use them because they believe in magic and associate their inks with some form of mysterious and motivational sources that will help them overthrow their daily difficulties. It is done with shades of black and brown to give it the shading effect. It is a great design that has been made on the thighs. Even in other works and visuals, the owl is represented as wise and intelligent. that make for interesting tattoo designs. It is a beautiful owl tattoo design which is made on the arm of the wearer. These associates also stretch their own as a mover between life and death, someone who connects both these realms. The yellow and orange shades of the eyes make it look pretty awesome and give sit the best effect that one can have. However, for an owl tattoo with spread wings, you can go for open wings with places such as back and chest areas that are recommended for you. It looks pretty mysterious and scary but the representation is very realistic. It is a great design. It is a great design that you can take anywhere. This beautiful colored owl tattoo design would look exceptionally amazing on your arm because it has all the attractive and bright colors that will immediately attract the attention of anyone who is looking at this design. Because of its association with darkness, they are also called the negative ones. This owl tattoo design is made on the arm with mostly the outline but a bit of shadowy effect on the wings of the owl. It is a pair tattoo that you can get in a contemporary way. The bird looks rather amusing but the whole design is done with a very grave effect. This belief is probably because of the nocturnal lifestyle of the bird. Since legs are somewhat visible most of the time, particularly for girls, you can decide to add some colors to the pattern. Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. Sometimes, the wearer also inks an owl tattoo design because it helps him give protection for their biggest fears. This beautiful owl tattoo design looks very mysterious and great. In many cultures or countries, the owl is also regarded with negative connotations because of the often fact that it is a nocturnal bird who always wakes at night. An own was said to sit on Athena’s side to protect the goddess from making bad decisions and always see the truth. They are pretty popular in tattoo culture as they are related to intelligence. While not everywhere and in every culture are owls associated with a symbol of positivity and good luck. Thus, behind it is the amazing view of the night and the forest. Thus, it looks rather defined. This design is rather plain because the owl does not have any colors. The colors in the roses make the design even more attractive than usual. The colors are amazing here. It shows a beautiful purple color dowl sitting on a branch of a tree with two dates mentioned and something written on it. Celtic Owl Designs: This tattoo involves the spiral knots, patterns, keys, and other important designs, that are very much popular in regular Celtic designs. Leg design serves to be a bit longer in relation to the wider designs. The beautiful colors that have been added to this design make it more attractive than it is. You can also seek and supplement some colors to this design, for instance, a watercolor background that will look it more interesting, maybe? Anyway, this owl tattoo design looks pretty amazing. A right tattoo placement compliments the right owl tattoo design. This owl has covered the hand of the wearer. It has a quote written too which says “never lose hope!” thus it can be meant to motivate you or remind you of better times that lay ahead. They will make the girl look both gorgeous and sexy. This connection reaches back to ancient mythologies, and is likely quite simple in origin – the night has always been a time humanity has equalled with the unknown, untested, unexamined, and mysterious.