Even if it’s a little difference, it’s still a difference.”. In 2012, A-State approached NYIT with the idea of establishing an NYITCOM program at the A-State campus aimed at producing physicians in generalist specialties (family medicine, internal medicine, pediatrics, general surgery, emergency medicine, and obstetrics/gynecology), who would practice in the medically underserved areas of Arkansas and the Mississippi Delta region. .alert a:hover, .alert a:active {text-decoration:none !important}. NYITCOM is special because: Small class sizes, peer and faculty mentoring programs, and the open-door policy of many staff members fosters a collaborative community where we can grow together to become compassionate future physicians. ’01) and former NYITCOM faculty member Sarah Curtis, D.O., offered office space so she could pump breast milk for Logan near her classes, and Bennett Futterman, Ph.D., made sure she had a special mask to limit vapors from formaldehyde during anatomy labs. M. mayabee. Check new campus access policies at nyit.edu/alerts. In the 2017-2018 academic year, NYITCOM at A-State has 230 first and second-year medical students, with more than two-thirds from the Mississippi Delta Region. As of November 25, all instruction will be remote, temperature checks and student questionnaire or employee/visitor questionnaire will be enforced. Class size is enormous. Accept Cookies, About NYITCOM at Arkansas State (Jonesboro, Arkansas), SERVICE CENTRAL (TECHNOLOGY & FACILITIES), AOA Commission on Osteopathic College Accreditation (COCA). These select second-year NYITCOM at A-State students are given faculty mentorship while spending an extra year gaining valuable research and teaching experience. Current projections show that NYITCOM at A-State will have a $70 million economic impact on northeast Arkansas by the end of 2018, generating $11.2 million in tax revenue for the region. Each NYITCOM at A-State student must complete a four-week rotation in a rural area. “We’re helping each other,” said Shukry. Serota Academic Center, room 203 Northern Boulevard P.O. “That’s the best part—I can’t wait to get out there and feel like I’m making the difference. NYITCOM Long Island enrollment: 295 per class per year. At New York Institute of Technology College of Osteopathic Medicine (NYITCOM), we provide patient-centered, population-based osteopathic health care through transformative education and enlightening research. Top 6 States Represented The 314 members of New York Institute of Technology College of Osteopathic Medicine’s (NYITCOM) class of 2018 received white coats, hugs, and practical advice in a July 20 ceremony marking their transition from classroom to clinic. By continuing to use the website, you consent to analytics tracking per NYIT's Privacy Statement At both sites, faculty and staff members are committed to training osteopathic physicians for a lifetime of learning and practice, based upon the integration of evidence-based knowledge, critical thinking, and the tenets of osteopathic principles and practice. “You will make a good living but remember, our bottom line is not one of financial statements and balance sheets. NYITCOM Long Island enrollment: 295 per class per year. Join us for an empowering, stimulating educational experience, supported by dedicated faculty-physicians and researchers. It’s whether we have served our fellow humans well in the most important way imaginable—that is, by helping them stay alive and healthy.”. The student-doctors will spend the next two years in clerkships, or rotations, in various specialties at more than 30 hospitals on Long Island and in upstate New York, Brooklyn, Queens, and New Jersey. Ryan offers bullet points for success as a medical student and future healer at NYITCOM-Arkansas. NYITCOM is accredited by AOA Commission on Osteopathic College Accreditation (COCA). NYIT College of Osteopathic Medicine traces its roots to the 1970s, and to W. Kenneth Riland, D.O., and a group of visionary osteopathic physicians. Box 8000 Old Westbury, NY 11568 516.686.3997 comadm@nyit.edu View Map. This year, there are three NYITCOM white coat ceremonies. .alert a:link, .alert a:visited, .alert a:hover, .alert a:active {color:#000 !important; text-decoration:underline !important; font-weight:bold !important} “I can’t wait to get some patient contact,” said Sally Shukry, who will begin her first rotation in surgery on August 1 at Nassau University Medical Center.