Order now for Free Shipping in the USA. Unfortunately, you won’t be able to use it while it’s charging, which is a bummer if your device is out of battery in the middle of the day. I continue to use it because they are inexpensive. not recommended.mijn vape lekt en daarom contact gehad met logicvapes. I'm 100% not buying them any more and to be honest if the logic Pro is being discontinued I'll just have to find an alternative brand. I dont recommend Logic. When you call you are in a queue and depending on your place in queue a voice tells you to leave a message. it won’t drop even when the battery is low. As always our views are our own. Our device arrived charged so the only thing we had to do was take out a pod, remove the rubber plug, place it on the slot of the battery, and inhale. He said he'd reordered my items there and then, lie 2. . Outside of some minor technical details, the only thing we didn’t like about the Logic Compact is the lack of an 18 mg option for the fruity flavors. This means there are no tanks to fill up and no bits to screw on. I find the vype is a lot better than the logic. Very apologetic - seems they now have a new telephone contact team in Europe who have supposedly been trained - don't know in what, certainly not customer service! But it's not much use having a fabulous product if people can't place orders.Please fix this issue Logic! Overall it is a solid flavor, but it won’t blow your mind. It’s very easy to pick up and use straight out of the box, no refilling of cartridges, just pop a capsule in the tank and you are ready to vape. Not much more to say here, if you like menthol make sure you order some of this. Lie 1. This one scored very high with all the members of the team — even the ones who don’t prefer tobacco flavors. You just have to inhale on the mouthpiece. Amazing product, shame about the website. UPDATE - Finally contacted by Logic Customer Services. Final Logic Pro E Cig Review Verdict Without stating the obvious the Logic Pro Advanced Vaporizer is a device for new users. I've bought at least 5 of them and none have worked properly for any length of time. There are five flavors to choose from and as mentioned in the previous section, only two are available in the 18 mg strength. We’ve also seen them around in 6 mg strength but these don’t appear on Logic’s website. Now I know why. It’s an electronic cigarette! You may also like… Logic Compact Devices AED 99.00 (inclusive of all applicable taxes) Logic USB Charger AED 30.00 (inclusive of all applicable taxes) » Contact Us » Newsletter Sign Up We’ve had this happen a couple of times and the device refused to fire. I have maybe 6 or 7 pens lying around that just don't work, even though they charge. He said he would send out a courier the next day to collect the order I'd received in error, lie 3.Call back the next day at 4pm after no courier, the man confirmed lie 3 saying I had misunderstood and a returns pack would be with me by Monday, and my order would be tomorrow (Friday 6th) lie 4. Logic Vapes Compact. Charges but when you insert a pod, get no response. Well it was now apparently, but I thought it was dealt with the day before but no, nothing had come of it and I couldn't talk to anyone else.I'm not taking his word for it that things have been done, after 4 lies and being told I may have misunderstood it's hard to trust them. The 12 mg pods didn’t hit the spot, but vaping on the 18 mg pods was satisfying enough to give it a pass. Hope they don't get discontinued, as the last post stated, that would be a real shame, surely they are the best selling product on the Logic range? There are no reviews yet. This cigalike shaped kit comes in a sleek and ultra-portable form that makes it easy to use and carry around from one place to the other.