Whetstone Cutlery Two-sided Whetstone Sharpening Stone: The Japanese Sharpening Stone is a 2 sided rectangle stone block; Whetstone Cutlery Two sided Whetstone Sharpening Stone Side A (darker green): 400 … Related: sharpening stone japanese whetstone whetstone 3000/8000 whetstone set knife sharpener whetstone 1000/6000 vintage whetstone whetstone sharpening stone oilstone whetstone 400/1000 whetstone king whetstone … King 1000/6000 combination whetstone is a very popular and affordable combination stone. Size : 176mm x 52mm x 15mm (6.9"x2"x0.6") Weight : 400 grams Also included a waterstone nonslip base. Ryky has tested dozens of whetstones in this grit category, and this is one of the best performing 400 grit whetstones. The Best option is to buy two combination stones, one 250/1000 or 400… This whetstone is one of the faster cutting and slowest wearing 400 grit stones on the … Whetstone KING Home stone S-45 S45 with #4000 grit. Made in Japan