... PDF eBooks include the most elegant usage of typography and are ready to view in any PDF reader. Jane and George, our storytellers, introduce the Jungle Book. Mother and Father wolf protect Mowgli from the … This is the hour of pride and power, Talon and tush and claw. The Jungle Book 2 of 241 Mowgli’s Brothers Now Rann the Kite brings home the night That Mang the Bat sets free— The herds are shut in byre and hut For loosed till dawn are we. ePUB eBooks are handy because they allow you to adjust the text size. “The boy must be taken to the Man village,” they said. We see our heroe, Mowgli, as a small baby. Popular apps that support ePUB include: Adobe Editions (Windows & Mac) Night-Song in the Jungle the jungle book story Image Source–> @www.bedtimeshortstories.com The leader of wolf pack decided there was only one way to keep Mowgli safe. The Jungle Book Rudyard Kipling, 1894. The Jungle Book (1894) - A volume of animal stories He knows lots of jungle stories, but not ‘the Jungle Book’. THE JUNGLE BOOK Rudyard Kipling Kipling, Rudyard (1865-1936) - An English novelist, short-story writer, and poet who spent most of his youth in India, and is best known for his children’s classics. In 1907, Kipling was the first English writer ever to be awarded the Nobel Prize in literature. Oh, hear the call!—Good hunting all That keep the Jungle Law! George is a little confused. Mowgli enters a cave where Mother and Father wolf are sleeping!