45 seconds hard run, 120 seconds slow jog. Repeat for 20 minutes. Sign In. Pick any combination of sprinting, backpedaling and shuffling between cones. Once at the bottom, give yourself a 6:1 ratio of rest to work. 2 BodyFit is your solution to all things fitness. Repeat triset for 20 minutes, with 40-60 seconds of rest between trisets. One or two short workouts per week won't make you fit. + The following schemes, performed for 20 minutes, are simple and effective: Ideally, you can follow a five-day split. should be done before you give it a shot. Complexes are ideal for fat loss. But rather than write off the day altogether, consider slotting in a condensed 20-minute training session. Multi-joint exercises like the squat will provide the greatest whole-body stimulus, making it highly efficient. Perform two sets of eight goblet squats to warm up. The content on our website is for informational and educational purposes only and is not intended as medical advice or to replace a relationship with a qualified healthcare professional. Sprint up the hill and time your sprint, then walk down. But interval runs can be a good change of pace that won't burn up muscle tissue like steady-state cardio. © 2020 Bodybuilding.com. View our enormous library of workout photos and see exactly how each exercise Perform as many reps as possible, without racking the bar, in the time allotted. Choose multi-joint lifts and see how many reps you can complete before time elapses. Quickly read through our step-by-step directions to ensure you're doing each "If you're going to gain any recognizable training benefit, short workouts have to be hard workouts, and really short workouts have to be really hard," says Chad Timmerman, a USA Cycling Level 1 certified coach with more than 25 years of racing experience. If your legs are a little sore, simply reduce the load the next time out—but keep going. Sign up for our newsletter to get the latest adventures, workouts, destinations, and more. Choose a weight with which you can perform 10 overhead presses. Get ready to hurt. The "get in, get out" mentality can pay great dividends if you keep the frequency and intensity up. The workouts above will increase conditioning, but nothing replaces sprinting, cutting and jumping. In order to view the gallery, please allow Manage Cookies. You'll aim for 4-6 short intense workouts per week, chosen from the following categories, all of which give great bang for the buck. It will take at least eight cycles to reach your goal, but as fatigue sets in it may take 10-12. Twenty minutes of well planned, focused training will lead to significant improvements in your physique and work capacity. This would include two days of mid-range strength training, and one day each for complexes, challenge, and conditioning. In conditioning workouts, you'll stress locomotion—moving like an athlete. A good benchmark is to use a weight you can press or push-press overhead for 10 repetitions. A challenge entails doing as much work as possible in a set time period. All that matters is you move explosively, staying low with your chest puffed up and the back straight. If you can afford six days, add a second day of complexes or conditioning. + Rather, we're looking for a safe, quality rep that works. 4 As you’ll find out, 20 minutes, when used right, is plenty of time to build muscle, force a raging pump and leave with topped out endorphin levels. That's for beginners, you say? Your body will adapt. Cycle through the following four exercises until you complete the target number of each. Low-technique lifts are ideal, as heavy fatigue can make complicated lifts dangerous. workout correctly the first time, every time. Already have a Bodybuilding account with BodyFit? But interval runs can be a good change of pace that won't burn up muscle tissue like steady-state cardio.