I used folded up aluminum foil and crazy glue its what i had laying around epoxy glue is better probably. Just go into the top corner of the post-it note, use the pencil in a small area until it's completely dark (make sure you push down hard). Your order will be held for 3 days from the time it's placed. I used the aluminium foil/super glue method to fix my car remote. Auto-suggest helps you quickly narrow down your search results by suggesting possible matches as you type. For instructions about performing a Factory Reset, consult the instruction manual of the TV for model-specific information. The search mode worked to a point but would not let me control the volume and when I followed the steps I could never get to the "turn your TV back on with the remote". I was able to fix it with the above steps. If you have the voice remotes you need to remember to point them at the tv to work. Remote volume/mute should work. 4 people found this solution to be helpful. After setting up remote for TV control/TV power & volume the volume control started working again. Sometimes the Receiver/Audio device can be powered OFF and because of that, the remote might only be auto programmed to TV and not to the Receiver/Audio device. 3. Cut out the small part, apply the sticky side to the pad, re-assemble. on Introduction. I used aluminium foil. With smooth faced hammer, pound the tiny piece of wire into a flat round itty bitty disc. I used Gorilla Glue. Since conductivity is a key element here, one must make sure that the tape is actually metallic... there's a cheaper type on the market that is shiny, & looks like metal, but is actually plastic, and that is NOT CONDUCTIVE, so it wouldn't work in this application. Setting the Remote Volume 1. Thanks. It worked perfectly for me and the volume/mute keys now function. This may or may not "take out" other components with it. 2. Hit “Menu” on your remote, select “settings” then “voice control” then “Fios TV voice remote” then “Program Fios TV Voice Remote” then “reset remote setup.” After resetting, redo previous steps this time selecting “manual setup” following instructions to complete that setup. Going to Give this a try as my stereo remote is 26 years old and has been playing up for some time. After drying for few minutes, assembled the remote and it works wonderfully well. Thanks. ! They are Bluetooth to the Fios box, but infrared to the tv. Remote volume/mute should work. The shape of the IR lens on my remote made it easier to place the keypad & top face onto the base, but to keep the pad aligned, & from falling out of the face plate on reassembly, I'd used some masking tape, which was easily removed after snapping it back together. Share it with us! Don't forget to restart Fios Box afterwards. Most often the problem arises with either the power, volume or both the buttons of the remote. The dot in the middle of the paper is the copper disc pounded out from the wire in the last photo. I just don’t seem to have the same options. I used metal duct tape you can find at any hardware store. All other buttons operational. Going forward use only your Digital Adapter Remote to adjust volume up or down. Next time, I'll probably use this method. In this short video I show you the steps to sync your Amazon Fire TV remote with the volume/power buttons to your tv. 2. Mine wasn't, as it turned out, so I used KevinM21's foil and glue instead as I had them at hand. On underside of the buttons, there are conducting contact pads that can wear out. 5 years ago. on Introduction. Turn off TV and unplug from power for 60 seconds. You've probably already discovered that copper tape should work just as well as aluminum tape.Today I had to fix my remote & came to this site in hopes of finding an easy, non-destructive way to open the units, but it seems that prying at an edge is the only way.A nail file is a good tool for that because they are flat & thin with curved edges & are very strong.I had forgotten that I had posted comments here 6 years ago when I first repaired this same Samsung remote using punched aluminum duct tape as originally suggested by "Passing You".Those repairs are still effective & I just did the same repair on a couple of buttons that had never required anything before now. All the buttons work on my remotes except for the mute and volume up and down buttons. I had previously Fixed the power button about 15 years ago with Sellotape and tin foil. I've redone the process to control my TV and the TV responded by turning volume up, but now it's out of the settings bit it won't do it again!! Go to Menu, support and software update. • Please bring photo ID and credit/debit card only if used as payment. ‎10-30-2020 on Introduction. How to Fix Fire TV Stick Remote Power & Volume Not Working? While the TV is UNPLUGGED, press and hold for 10 seconds the button on the actual TV that turns it off/on. I was just using what I had. Make sure remote is pointed directly to the device (TV or Receiver/Audio device) when pressing "OK" to test Volume or Power. This assumes you have a voice control remote. It works. Let the glue dry. Reply ... Now, after such a long time, and for no cost, we can finally lower the TV volume without a struggle! - Toshiba TV remote control If the volume cannot be adjusted using the volume buttons on the remote control or television, then perform a power reset on the TV. In this photo I've glued small copper plates over the contact pads on the underside of two buttons that were worn. I like the aluminum duct tape idea thats cool i used aluminum foil folded up but had to glue it to the button with crazy glue . 11 months ago • Curbside Pickup available at select stores. In-Store or Curbside Pickup: Have the batteries been replaced lately? You idea is a good derivation and probably more practical for people, as people are more likely to have aluminum foil and crazy glue. I recently got tvision remote and hub however I can’t get my tvision remote to control my tv volume. My menu doesn't have this option regarding a remote control. Use the remote control that came with your TV to adjust the volume to a comfortable level. The batteries in your remote control may be low. Menu>settings>Voice control>Fios voice remote>program voice remote>reset remote setup. I have a P265v3 remote. Hit “Menu” on your remote, select “settings” then “voice control” then “Fios TV voice remote” then “Program Fios TV Voice Remote” then “reset remote setup.” After resetting, redo previous steps this time selecting “manual setup” following instructions to complete that setup. Press and release the CABLE button. Does this mean I just need new remotes? At the time I didn't have that tape or know what it was. 5 years ago on Introduction. NOTE: Performing a Factory Reset may also help resolve the issue. Try resetting the remote. Boy, antiproduct, I hope you're a New Zealander, 'cos your Post-it note idea would go well with our "number 8 wire" philosophy! Cheers! 7 years ago Take batteries out of remote or remotes and push all buttons on the remote once or more. • In-Store Pickup is available across the U.S. at participating Verizon Wireless stores. Take off the backing of the metal duct tape before cutting small pieces. Thanks for the initial fix concept & the variations by others. In my case it was the channel up and channel down buttons. However now when using the Roku power button, the TV is switched off, but the receiver remains on.