community which lead to exposure to risks of contamination. Requête la plus fréquente dans le dictionnaire français : Proposer comme traduction pour "harmful practices". UNICEF and UNFPA renew multi-country initiative to protect millions of girls from child marriage, Approximately 1 in 4 survivors of female genital mutilation were cut by a health care provider, UNICEF welcomes recent amendment of Indonesia’s Marriage Act. Enrich your vocabulary with the English Definition dictionary Harmful cultural practices, such as child marriage and female genital mutilation (FGM), are discriminatory practices committed regularly over such long periods of time that communities and societies begin to consider them acceptable. To that end, UNICEF works across the globe to: UNICEF’s Strategic Plan 2018–2021 reaffirms our commitment to help eliminate child marriage and FGM. La traduction est fausse ou de mauvaise qualité. Documents chargeables en « glisser-déposer ». Harmful practices are persistent practices and behaviours that are grounded on discrimination on the basis of sex, gender, age and other grounds as well as multiple and/or intersecting forms of discrimination that often involve violence and cause physical and/or psychological harm or suffering. Following forced marriage, a woman may be abused by her husband and, sometimes, by her in-laws. See more. Most HTPs involve physical as well as psychological harm, often long-term as well as immediate. This guide supports monitoring of social norms change to end harmful practices. Around the world, hundreds of millions of girls and boys have experienced some form of violence, exploitation or harmful practice, although girls are at much greater risk. to the conclusion that a positive social shift to accelerate the elimination of this tradition within one generation is possible. means all behaviour, attitudes and/or practices which negatively affect the fundamental rights of women and girls, such as their right to … This data brief analyses progress in child marriage elimination over the past 25 years and looking forward towards 2030 and beyond. The challenge is to prepare journalists, and other media, professionals, to use media resources to arouse, mobilize and sustain public opinion to, Le défi à relever est de préparer les journalistes et d'autres professionnels des médias à l'utilisation des ressources médiatiques pour, éveiller, mobiliser et sans cesse stimuler l'opinion publique, afin de soutenir. Women's empowerment also entails unhindered, access to reproductive and sexual health services and protection of girls from, L'autonomie des femmes passant également par la santé reproductive, et sexuelle, accessible à toutes, et par la protection des filles contre le, They have little voice in matters that affect their lives, rendering them, La voix limitée qui leur est accordée dans les questions qui affectent leur vie les rend impuissantes à. people from becoming "mad hatters" due to mercury attacking the brain; stopping the practice of punishing children for writing with their left hand; and discontinuing leeching, the formerly common practice of attaching bloodsuckers to the human body for medical reasons. Asiya Abdu, 22, waits to be examined by a health worker in the Worer Health Centre, Ethiopia. progresser la parité et l'égalité des sexes. It is estimated that FGM causes an additional one to two perinatal deaths per 100 deliveries. Harmful is used to describe situations or an activity that is dangerous, bad, damaging and injurious to life. They are not unique to a particular culture or religion. En dépit des droits constitutionnels et autres qui leur ont été. women and children violate and deny human rights as well as fundamental freedoms. The term ‘harmful traditional practices’ encompasses a range of abuse which results in physical and psychological harm, disability and even death for significant numbers of women. Harmful traditional practices clc 2019-11-28T17:07:45+00:00 One of the most prevalent manners in which children and young people’s rights are violated, harmful traditional practices are forms of violence which are accepted as part of the cultural practice in specific countries and contexts. non coopératifs et sommes disposés à fournir une assistance technique advenant que celle-ci soit requise et appropriée.