I hope you love it and it helps you break free from your fruit addiction. We also share new recipes, free live calls with us, and more healthy lifestyle tips, plus let you know when our next group cleanse is coming. I know this smoothie post is over a year old, but I just tried it. As a self-proclaimed fruit lover and full-blown banana addict myself, to say that I’ve been resistant to ditching fruit from my diet would be putting it … Also, i have osteoporosis. Pre-order your cookbook to get free prizes! Making a tasty smoothie without the inclusion of fruit is easier than you might think. We promise never to share your email without your permission! Tried this smoothie this morning. Are you ready to start blending? If you’re worried your smoothie will be too thick without the cucumber, you can substitute it with celery and a little extra water until it’s the consistency you like. Thank you so much for this recipe. https://consciouscleanse.com/spiced-pear-warm-winter-smoothie/, https://consciouscleanse.com/a-conscious-cleanse-guide-to-building-a-perfect-green-smoothie/, https://consciouscleanse.com/category/recipes/green-smoothie/, https://consciouscleanse.com/the-conscious-cleanse-guide-to-green-smoothies/, 1 TB. nut butter (we used almond but sunbutter is delicious too). Jules Peláez (pronounced like Goliath with a P) is co-founder of the popular Conscious Cleanse, a 14-day program designed to guide health-seekers on a supportive journey of healing and whole body cleansing. And eating fruit (or any other natural sweeteners) will only add to the gas, bloating, constipation, brain fog, mood swings, exhaustion, and weight gain. In simple terms what I’ve come to realize is this – The modern day body has become overly acidic, inflamed, and toxic. Her book, The Conscious Cleanse: Lose Weight, Heal Your Body and Transform Your Life quickly hit many best-sellers list and is available at all major bookstores and online retailers. We believe in clean inboxes too! Hi Jules, I’m happy I found a fruit free smoothie! If you liked this recipe, we invite you to join our online community! All Rights Reserved. Blend until creamy. Fortunately avocados and cucumbers are not, therefor tolerable for most people who struggle with sugar issues. I would suggest kale instead. The bottom line is this – eat fruit in moderation, focus on low glycemic fruits, and if you feel like you can’t go without it, take a hiatus and see how you feel. I would love the free Conscious Cleanse guide to Green Smoothies. Definitely will be a new staple for me. Looks and sounds delicious. However, avocado is a fruit ;) , so technically this is not safe for anyone with a fruit intolerance. Hi Shelly, You’re so right, avocados are fruit, as are cucumbers. I love fruits, but in the morning I’m kind of sensitive to fruits and sugar. Yes, it’s more creamy and adds a little good fat and protein. And this is exactly why we developed our new Low Sugar Plan as part of our live support Cleanse (get info about our next cleanse here). Not really sure what else could work. Today’s recipe was inspired by my sister who has a strong aversion to bananas, but for years has asked me for a deliciously creamy green smoothie sans fruit! Let us know what you think. Or the stress of my kid having 2 teeth extracted. This is the first green smoothie I’ve ever liked, and wow, it’s so good! However, i would value your comments. JOIN OUR COMMUNITY OF CONSCIOUS CLEANSERS! Thanks for this; I wasn’t thinking I was sugar sensitive but ate some sundried tomato cashew cheese last night which possibly made me exhausted. You can find it here: https://consciouscleanse.com/the-conscious-cleanse-guide-to-green-smoothies/ XO, J&J. I love fruit for the energy and great bowel movements that it gives me, but I’ve also loved taking a break from it. XO, Jo & Jules. I hope you like it. If you haven’t downloaded it yet, we recommend checking out our Green Smoothie Guide. Thank you, Hi Carrie, We’re so glad you’re enjoying our smoothies! There’s other boosters you can try. Have you tried any of our other smoothies? Yes! Many people are walking around with blood sugar imbalances, candida, yeast and mold overgrowth. xo Jules. How could it be bad for us? I wonder if you could write more about going sugar-light? Spinach is considered an excellent source of calcium. Plus fruit is a whole food that comes from the earth and has been known as one of the most healing foods we have on the planet. You can find it here: https://consciouscleanse.com/spiced-pear-warm-winter-smoothie/. It has some great recipes and a guide to build some new favorites of your own. Instructions: You can find them here: https://consciouscleanse.com/category/recipes/green-smoothie/ XO, J&J. As a self-proclaimed fruit lover and full-blown banana addict myself, to say that I’ve been resistant to ditching fruit from my diet would be putting it lightly. Based in Boulder, CO & Serving Cleansers Worldwide. Be sure to leave me a comment below. Place the almond or hemp milk, water, spinach, avocado, cucumber, nut butter, cinnamon, and ice (optional) in a high speed blender. Today’s recipe was inspired by my sister who has a strong aversion to bananas, but for years has asked me for a deliciously creamy green smoothie sans fruit! If you give this smoothie a try, let us know what you think. I’ve never tried almond milk with greens. I believe spinach does not have the kind of calcium that is beneficial to me. It was super filling, but I missed the sweet. Jules is grateful to share her passion for vibrant health, raw food and personal transformation with her yoga students in Boulder, CO and the ever-growing Conscious Cleanse community. So, while I’m personally not swearing off fruit for good, I have been on a month-long sabbatical from all forms of sugar….apples, bananas, dates and all! Copyright © 2020 The Conscious Co., LLC. Let us know what you think once you try it. 5 Ways To Make A Tasty Smoothie Without Fruit. Possibly adding more cinnamon or something could jazz it up a bit. For these people sugar IS sugar IS sugar. Check out our Green Smoothie Guide to find more. We’re so glad you enjoyed it! I have thrived on a high-fruit diet for months at a time (one of my many food experiments)! Our guts are all out of whack and the result is intense sugar cravings and sugar sensitivity (not sure if that’s you? It seems it would help thin out the avocado which i have switched out the banana for previously and it makes the smoothie edible by spoon only. Thanks. XO, J&J, Hi. There are 5 main ingredients that can take the place of fruit in your recipes, which can all contribute to the flavor and desired texture of your smoothies. As a welcome-gift, we’ll send you our Green Smoothie eCookbook, a collection of more of our favorite easy smoothie recipes! Love your green smoothies. We’re so glad you’re here. Today’s green smoothie is a delicious, low sugar, fruit free smoothie that is loaded with healthy fat and green veggies. Now I’m headed into cleansing without any fruits/lectin free. Any other suggestions? Thanks again!! Yay! Hi Pamela, Great questions! It’s ok. Are you confused about fruit? Hi Jenny, Great input! It actually has more calcium than kale does per whfoods.org. I like using full fat canned coconut milk sometimes too. Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. Be sure to check out our Sugar Sensitivity quiz here). Welcome! I’ve been on the hunt for some good, low fruit or fruit-free smoothies so I’m excited to give this a try! Yay Sarah! After all, fruit is as natural as it comes. Unless it was the small amount of organic miso. XO, Jo & Jules, Hi Jules – I’m just discovering how much better I feel without a lot of sugar. That’s not a bad idea! Thanks, Hi Erin, That’s a clever phrase, sugar-light. But feel free to change up the greens you use in this smoothie to see which combo you like best. A smoothie you may like is our Warm Pear Smoothie. I’ve wrestled with this question for a long time and it is without a doubt a complex topic. I can’t eat cucumbers. Just in time for Thanksgiving + Cookbook Recipe Sneak Peek. We love cinnamon in our smoothies, especially Ceylon cinnamon which aids in regulating blood sugar. And it’s been a real eye-opener to see all the ways in which I reach for something sweet (even if natural) over the dark leafy greens and more alkaline foods like cucumbers and celery. We’re talking about fruits that are high glycemic in this article. https://consciouscleanse.com/a-conscious-cleanse-guide-to-building-a-perfect-green-smoothie/. I’d love to hear from you.