Final alignment verification… everything fits well. The most popular methods of desalination are reverse osmosis and distillation. What the original yield was like compared to the current, reduced yield? Groundwater is unseen water that is held in natural reservoir-type formations in the rock and soil below ground. Our services are backed by superior products provided by industry leaders. The drilling rig is mounted on a small skid steer loader (bobcat). Our Armadillo is constantly evolving and adapting to bring better and more robust solutions to the borehole drilling industry. The size of the rig means minimal damage to property and surrounding areas. The mini drill rig is also cost effective compared to the large rigs and equipment used on construction sites. The machine is capable of drilling 6.5 inch boreholes to a depth of about 140 m. It is also able to drill through hard rock such as granite and dolomite. If the damage is too extensive, the borehole may be re-lined as opposed to simply repaired/patched. That will determine the performance of the borehole (how much water is available) and the quality of the water. 3 – The borehole will be drained of all water and will be thoroughly cleaned of all sediment and debris. Blue River Drilling SA is a family business managed by two people, Brian and Betty, who are very passionate about water and believe in its integral ability to change lives. Our process is environmentally friendly with very low ground impact. With the dams drying up, the municipal water costs going up, and the people getting fed up; it is more important than ever to understand and consider alternative water sources. What is the purpose of drilling a borehole? What this basic water cycle probably left out was groundwater; and groundwater is actually an integral part of the water cycle. These may include, but are not limited to: While the steps that need to be taken in order to rehabilitate a borehole will vary depending on the nature of the cause for the blockage or reduced flow, the following steps constitute a brief overview of the traditional steps borehole rehabilitation could or would necessitate: 1 – A survey of the borehole will be undertaken first – the surveyor may ask you questions such as: The surveyor may also test the pH level of the water and perform other such assessments as indicated in order to diagnose the cause of reduced flow. Natural surface water formations are usually used for sports and leisure activities while man-made dams and above-ground reservoirs account for the water most of us have access to at home when we open a tap. If you've got a kit where holes need drilling for a Tune-O-Matic style bridge and stop tailpiece e.g. Whether it’s on your residential, commercial, industrial or farming property. Materials will include the physical construction for the borehole, machinery is the actual drill and the manpower is how many people you need to drill a specific borehole. Now you have an idea what exactly it takes to figure out the cost of a borehole. If the damage is too extensive, the borehole may be re-lined as opposed to simply repaired/patched. It has long been suggested that melting glaciers and other large bodies of ice could be a viable water source. Drill the bridge post holes . There are a number of potential causes for reduced yield from a domestic or commercial water borehole. 3. This is why borehole drilling cost is not just a number on a paper, but a carefully calculated formula affected by the conditions. Water Quality Testing & Filtration Systems, Construction: Piling, Solar stand holes, Fencing, Borehole Water Association of South Africa, Construction: Piling, Solar Stand Holes, Fence holes. Thinking about getting a water borehole, but don’t really know how it works or where to start? Borehole drilling cost per meter – Like explained above, every borehole will have a different depth depending on all the factors. That is not to say that groundwater sources cannot become depleted. Access to clean water is a constitutional right and our mission is to ensure that no person is deprived of this fundamental human right. Step 4: Now its time to drill the holes. Construction Material Costs – After the borehole has been drilled, the casing and completion tasks needs to be implemented. Should the borehole/well require chemical cleaning it will take place at this juncture. It can be very expensive if the operator is not very experienced and could lead to mistakes, wasteful materials and it can be time consuming to do geology research on the site. The process of drilling a borehole will depend on the factors above and the geology experience of the drilling professionals. The drilling rig is mounted on a small skid steer loader (bobcat). We are able to provide your complete groundwater solutions including geophysical ground exploration services, geothermal drilling, earthing hole drilling and fence pole drilling (auger) as well as water quality and yield  testing. Blue River Drilling SA is a family run business that is passionate about all things water. This involves installing a test pump and pumping borehole water for a fixed set of variables; a given time at a given rate, and then assessing the test’s impact on the water level in the borehole. It has low noise levels and is fairly unobtrusive. However, although groundwater exists almost everywhere, it is not always in quantities that make it possible to extract water by implementing a borehole or a well. Do not install the posts yet … Our head office is based in Germiston, Gauteng. Any damage to the inside of the borehole will be repaired. The water will be tested until chlorine levels are back below 0.5mg per litre. BRD SA aims to provide turnkey water solutions to meet your water supply needs underpinned by our commitment to honesty and integrity. Those whose fences, walls and gates boast the poster are the only ones whose lawns are still green, whose cars are pristine, whose water bills are still lean… All thanks to a water borehole! 7 – The well/borehole will be disinfected. This significantly increases your chance of finding water on your property. This is the cost for moving the borehole drilling machinery and equipment to and from the site. Maximum yield is achieved by increasing the abstraction rate, ensuring optimum drawdown of water in the borehole. Step 4: Verify. Our product range includes hand pumps, electrical pumps, diesel driven pumps and solar pumps. It’s also important to factor in the purpose of the borehole. The well itself will now be cleaned with chlorinated water. 8 – Post chlorination the well/borehole will need to be dewatered. Groundwater is water that is underground that can, when found in large enough quantities, be tapped into by something like a well, or a borehole, in order to extract the water from the underground source in order to use it. So the depth and type of ground will play the biggest role in getting a cost per meter. It depends on what the use is for the borehole to decide whether it will be hand pump or electrical pump. Basically, the water you see flowing above ground that you’d call a ‘river’ often represents only a small percentage of the water that is actually moving downstream. To date, however, this has only been tested on a small-scale and strictly for research purposes. A water filtration system will give you the peace of mind you need for you... We encourage clients to make use of the services of a professional water surveyor before drilling a borehole. Mobilisation and Demobilisation – Machinery, equipment and materials need to get to the site to be set up. If you decide to angle to bridge, mark the new holes with the bass side (thicker strings) tilted slightly down towards the butt of the guitar. Relieving the exhaust bridge and drilling lubrication holes is a common part of the 2-stroke top end replacement process, but the importance of performing these steps is unrealized by many and neglected too often.