Some breeders have used an application of petroleum jelly as temporary protection against frostbite. Delaware hens have smaller combs. George Ellis crossed a New Hampshire Red and a Barred Plymouth Rock with the goal of maintaining the egg laying capabilities of both but creating a breed with increased meat potential. So, if you love a good bit of fresh chicken on the table, then you may find that the Delaware is one of your best bets. They submit to handling without a fuss. Delawares came on the poultry scene relatively late in agriculture history and had little chance to establish themselves prior to the onset of hybrid breeds. eval(ez_write_tag([[970,250],'chickenbreedslist_com-medrectangle-4','ezslot_5',126,'0','0'])); © Copyright 2011-2017. It has plumage of a unique pattern, and is accepted into poultry standards for showing. Delaware chickens are great, we have two of them Very informative articles thanks. If you are lucky enough to live near a local hatchery where you can find Delaware chickens for sale, that is great. Owners describe the hens as broody but good mothers. Generally speaking, you should be able to get at least 3-4 eggs per week from your Delaware Hen. In general they do well in both hot and cold climates. The only people who really seem to be keeping this beautiful chicken breed alive are those who look after backyard chickens. The Delaware Chicken would just so happen to be the result of that. If you like this chicken and you already know this breed, then you can find Delaware chickens for sale at the end of this article. The creation of the Delaware chicken was in many ways happenstance.It all started with the Rhode Island Red.As the Rhode Island Red breed was being refined for better eggs and meat, several white ‘sports’ were created.In the 1940s a fellow called George Ellis saw potential in these birds and started working with them. They came to the poultry party late in 1940. At heart, Delaware chickens have always been meat producers. Of course, you do have the odd one that is going to buck that trend, but for the most part, people report that their Delawares are incredibly quiet. Delawares provided table meat to the entire east coast for a decade. The Delaware Chicken used to be one of the most important chicken breeds in the United States. Now, let’s take a little look at this beautiful creature and what it is able to offer the world. They are calm, friendly and fast maturing chickens. They weigh a decent amount, and it won’t be long after you get them before they can be slaughtered. In the 1940’s companies such as Perdue Farms, the Delmarva Peninsula supplied the entire USA East Coast with chicken. For long term protection build an insulated, draft-free coop. Delawares bear confinement well. It was white (which meant it looked good if not all of the feathers were plucked from it properly), it matured quickly, which meant it could be slaughtered faster for a bit of meat and, perhaps more importantly, it was a good egg-layer. The rooster weighs eight pounds and the hen six. There are five points to their comb, which tend to be on the larger side. Custom Chicken Socks. The Delaware breed and temperament really offers the best of both worlds. The rooster has black bars on his white tail feathers. Delaware Chicken Temperament If you want a chicken that is quiet (well, as quiet as a chicken can be), then the Delaware Chicken can be a great breed for you. It can cause issues during the winter months, so you are going to need to think of ways in which you can help to protect the comb from the elements. Information on Chicken Breeds from A to Z. Many breeders keep them today with the goal of preserving the Delaware as one of America’s heritage breeds.eval(ez_write_tag([[728,90],'chickenbreedslist_com-medrectangle-3','ezslot_0',115,'0','0'])); Delawares bear confinement well. The only real problem is that the Delaware isn’t that broody, so you need to find a chicken that can help you to hatch eggs, or find some other way to get a steady supply rolling in. This is because it wasn’t really intentionally aimed for. Chicks develop feathers quicker than most breeds. Also a white bird woul… They both have predominantly white plumage. Owners describe the hens as broody but good mothers. Hopefully, you are going to have the same experience with one! It is really no surprise that the Delaware Chicken ended up dominating the commercial farming industry for many, many years. The origins of the Delaware Chicken are somewhat on the weirder side. Both have black baring in their hackles. He crossed the New Hampshire hens with the Barred Plymouth Rock roosters to create Delaware. These eggs are going to be fairly large, so just a small flock of Delaware chickens should be more than enough to feed a family. Do bear in mind that their production is going to taper off a little bit when they are molting, but even then, you should still be able to get at least 3 eggs per week, which is going to be more than enough for some people. They possess all the potential of a commercial breed with all the personality of a backyard chicken. On the whole Delawares have a mild, quiet, and calm disposition suitable to the backyard chicken farmer. There are a few black speckles on them too, but these are not something which will always make an appearance. We won’t go into depth on how the world of breeding chickens worked, but the breed of the Delaware Chicken started in the New Hampshire Red and Barred Plymouth Rock. At first, he named the breed Indian Rivers but later came to name them Delaware after the state they were created in. They are broiler chickens. She has black tail feathers with white lacing. We know that they are not brilliant egg layers in comparison to some other chickens, but they are going to reach egg laying maturity a little bit faster than other breeds. Protect their large comb and wattles during cold spells. Take advantage of the Delaware’s dual-purpose status. The Delaware breed and temperament really offers the best of both worlds. It is primarily suited to meat production but also lays reasonably well. Of course, you do have the odd one that is going to buck that trend, but for the most part, people report that their Delawares are incredibly quiet. As an Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying purchases. The Delaware hen will start laying eggs at 6 months of age. Just a rare genetic abnormality. All Rights Reserved. Since the chicken was bred from white mutated chickens, it is a white breed. It can be a lot of hassle, but this chicken does taste fantastic. They barely make any noise. Generally a docile breed, Delawares get along with each other and their humans. Provide good layers good bedding and artificial lighting for maximum egg output. Apart from this, there isn’t really anything that should concern you about the chicken breed. They are a very good breed for beginners. Delawares mature quickly and produce a clean, white-meat table fowl. However, the occasional rooster will exercise his rights to aggressive behavior. If you are only using your chickens for meat, then straight run chickens is a good way to go, and the other way around, if you are using the chickens for eggs then you want lot of hens right? Robust, they handle both cold and heat well. They submit to handling without a fuss. The Delaware unlike many chickens has only one variety—the Barred Silver Columbian. Instead, it is a breed that came out of some mutations. However, the occasional rooster will exercise his rights to aggressive behavior. The breed has experienced some resurgence thanks to American heritage breeders. They typically lay four, large, brown eggs a week far into the winter months. Since this was a broiler chicken for a while, as you may expect, it is a chicken that is somewhat on the larger side of things. is a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for sites to earn advertising fees by advertising and linking to Yes. In 1952, at about the same time as the American Poultry Association declared them an official breed, they found themselves replaced by the new commercial hybrids.