Later the group would add Ali Hyman, Claude Thomas, Dyshon Benson and Damon Core. I had no idea that this group went through so many changes! This group is phenomenal and they are here. This article is about the band. New Edition. We really didn’t know how good we had it in 1996. The group’s origins began with Shawn Rivera and Dion Allen. Az Yet is planning to drop their new album, She’s Magic, Sept. 16! Through the process of getting management & in the process of being signed both Claude & Dyshon left the group in 1995 & 1996 then fellow Philly native Darryl Anthony came on board. When Az Yet released their solo debut album in 1996, they were comprised five members. Email me for updated, I watching az yet last night love the song and video i play it so much i know one of them is married are any of other orginal member that sang last night married and i hope they come back and do a record. The harmonies are flawless. A demo by the group found its way into the hands of Kenneth "Babyface" Edmonds through his mother-in-law, Jacqueline McQuam, who would one day hold various showcases to highlight their work. Pray for your boy. They would later be joined by Kenny Terry to form a trio. Now, how many active male groups do you hear on the airwaves in 2016? Y’all still with me? The way he delivers it…here is the line”I drank your wine as you taste mine I kissed your lips, you felt my body sip,into your soul) I love him still. Face became the group’s mentor – and with him in your corner, success is certain. I had/have their first album. Pages Public Figure Musician/Band Damon Core Posts. [1] Briefly a sextet Core left early on. Great read. Sit back y’all. On July 21, 2008, the reunited members made their first appearance as a group, performing with their mentor Babyface and former Yab Yum Records counterpart and fellow Babyface protégé Jon B in Los Angeles at a concert benefiting Leeza Gibbons' Memory Foundation. All original members are together.Kenny, Dion, Claude, Dyshon, new member Parrice. Traditionally, performers on "Soul Train" lip-synched, however, the recorded tracks contained Marc Nelson's vocals prompting the group to perform live, a rarity for the long-running show. Rick Now earlier, I was waxing nostalgic about the grand days of 1996 but let’s be real – when you take off the rose-colored Aviators everything that was great in 1996 wasn’t THAT great. #phillyfan. The original members, Dion Allen, Dyshon Benson, Claude Thomas and Kenny Terry were to record a new album and go on tour. Not by a long shot. Well….now we know why they were named “Az Yet”. I don’t judge anyone. It was the perfect record to solidify their self-titled debut album as a success. Her name might not ring a bell, but I bet her son-in-law’s name does: Kenneth “Babyface” Edmonds. This formation of Az Yet released the EP "That B U" in 2004 and disbanded in late 2007. I remember this group I grow up on the same block as Dion, and I remember him singing loudly on the corner of 5th street. Erica Campbell’s ‘I Luh God’ Needs An Intervention, Copyright © 2020 | MH Purity WordPress Theme by MH Themes, Last week on the Books of Face, I was pulled into an interesting convo about what constitutes the worst, like Beyonce changing outfits at the VMAs, Their soulful cover of Chicago’s “Hard to Say I’m Sorry”, What’s the Best Solo Wu-Tang Clan Album? After Az Yet departed from DreamWorks Records, the group petered out. Mainly because I can’t bear making another Az Yet member flow chart. I will post a picture of the group soon once I get permission from them. Marc Nelson is not apart of this group. Briefly a sextet Core left early on. AZ YET is currently in the studio recording a new single. Your email address will not be published. Finally back to being a quintet, the group dropped the first single of their new project, “Share Life.” It was technically fine but way too safe – it really needed an injection of the passion that made “Last Night” so memorable. He has one of the best male voices. And that FINALLY brings us to today, where Marc Nelson, Claude Thomas, Kenny Terry and Dion Allen are keeping Az Yet’s legacy of great music and weird music videos alive. Email me and I will update you on the group. : Head to Head with Edd, Sounds of the Soul In Stereo Cypher: Check Out Our Playlist. Az Yet first hit it big with a song from The Nutty Professor soundtrack, "Last Night." He soon rejoined the party too. But back in 96, there was such a plethora of superstar male groups that some great groups often went unappreciated. Nelson was replaced by Tony Grant. [4], Fueled by two top ten hits, the group's popularity led them to several television appearances in their early years. This group changes members more than Rihanna changes weaves! 1 album .. Wonder and if you can do a portrait update. Love the AZ yet story still my no. Grant's television appearances include "The Keenon Ivory Wayans Show", "Fame L.A." and the group's second appearance on "Soul Train". Good job, thank you. But don’t get too comfortable. In 2015, Shawn Rivera left the group to pursue separate interests, thus regressing the group into a quartet. Then Thomas and Benson dipped. Dion, Kenny, Dyshon, Claude,new member Parrice. During Tony Grant's tenure with Az Yet, the group recorded the popular remake of "You're The Inspiration" with Chicago's Peter Cetera in 1997. Ok my Philly-Men/Az Yet,I’m looking forward to hearing n seeing big things from you guys n 2018…make it happen. Check out “One Last Cry” and “Love Her Mind” – the brothers sound pretty great! Ugh. Want to take your music reviews to YouTube? Allow your boy to jog your memory. Marc Nelson later returned to the group making them a quintet again with Dion, Shawn, Kenny and Claude. As of 2012, the group consisted of Dion Allen, Shawn Rivera, Kenny Terry, and original member Claude Thomas who returned to the group. Subsequently, the group added Boyz II Men founding member Marc Nelson.