water that is … Information on how productivity is affected by suboptimal irrigation practices also can be used to guide irrigation decision making. Juicy oranges and lemons require a lot of moisture for development because the majority of the fruits' composition is water. The effects of water stress on the development processes of the crop are summarised followed by reviews of the plant water relations, crop water requirements, water productivity and irrigation systems. Irrigation terminology and concepts explained. Climatic requirements. We believe Soil requirements Citrus trees need deep soil with a pH of between 6 and 6,5 and good surface and internal drainage. Where rainfall is poor, irrigation ensures good growth and production. The trees begin their productive life on the third year, and peak productivity takes place when the trees are 10-30 years old, average yields under these conditions are 30-60 t/ha. Citrus trees are subtropical in origin and cannot tolerate severe frosts. require careful irrigation strategies to develop these juicy treats. Irrigation System Design and Maintenance To meet the needs of citrus trees and to help save limited water, an irrigation system must be properly designed and evaluated. Planting depth for citrus tree Irrigation. Lemon Tree Irrigation Requirements. Tart fruits from your own lemon tree (Citrus spp.) Agricultural Water Management 98 : 1091 – 1096 . irrigation decision making requires knowledge of the water use requirements of the trees and irrigation system performance, including the uniformity of application and delivery rates. It is helpful to understand some important concepts to schedule orchard irrigation accurately. Background information is given on the centres of origin (south-east Asia) and of production of citrus (areas with subtropical Mediterranean-type climates). 1. Intensive citrus cultivation requires the use of fertilizers, close monitoring and control of pests, diseases and weeds, effective irrigation and control of tree size. Marler , T. E. and Davies , F. S. ( 1990 ). How Much Water a Citrus Tree Needs a Week?. Irrigation requirements for citrus can be 4 acre-feet per acre in the desert regions, 3.5 acre-feet per acre in the Central Valley, and 1.5 acre-feet per acre along the coast. Irrigation requirements and transpiration coupling to the atmosphere of a citrus orchard in southern Brazil. Water holding capacity: This is the amount of plant available water (PAW) that a given soil can hold within the plant’s root zone, e.g.