The dye soaks up solar heat and prevents it from entering your vehicle. And have I mentioned your skin? For example, its price could range from $25 to $200 depending on the vehicle’s model and whether it has other special features. It makes you more shady than smooth. So, with this reason, it is common sense to put in a little bit of your budget for a quality tint installed by a professional. You also have the option not to change the entire car window tints. For one, if your vehicle already has pre-installed window films as most cars do now, you’d have to get it removed. Car tints save you 90% from ruining your seats and all. Certain car owners prefer installing car tints without making them dark. On average, car tinting services for your entire vehicle tend to range from $100 – $200 for a basic one and from $200 – $250 for a premium type. Despite its high performance, it doesn’t provide the same level of protection featured on other kinds of films. Window tint removal comes with a separate cost and most auto shop offer this service as well aside from installation. Cheap films won’t protect your car for so long. Higher quality tint costs around $200 to $400 for the entire vehicle. Curved or steep rear windows are more difficult to tint, and will cost more. Another thing to keep in mind is if you want to have your car insured. Automotive window tinting can cost $50-$600 or more using standard, non-reflective tint film, and $100-$800 or more with high-performance ceramic, carbon, metallic, colored or other specialty tinting films, depending on the make, model and type of vehicle. The carbon content it has helped block around 40% of the IR radiation that heats up the interiors of a car — that keeps it cool and slows down the fading of its upholstery. Drivers can earn up to a fine of $250 depending on how often they are caught with the prohibited film. /* ----------------------------------------- */ Wagons and small SUVs like Honda CRV, Lexus RX, and Ford Escape will give you $240. In some areas of the town, let’s say, where it’s not safe, car tints offer as a shield to protect your stuff inside a car. Certain car owners prefer installing car tints without making them dark. CostHelper readers report paying $125-$300 for car window tinting, at an average cost of $194; and at A-1 Window Tinting in Frankfort, KY, it costs $120 for a two-door car and $135 for a four-door car. A number of factors go into the car window tinting cost you purchase, from the size of your car and whether you tint all or a portion of it, to the brand you get and whether it has basic or premium features. * 3M™ Automotive Window Film Tints is used in most Car Toys locations. That’s just bad. Moreover, it can be easily recognized by its shine and is durable enough to last for a long time. All they have to do is purchase tinting kits that come with pre-cut films and do it on their own. What’s prohibited here in Arizona may be allowed somewhere else and what’s allowed here may be prohibited in other places. Carbon tints is also durable and does not fade. For many drivers, a good resolution is to treat our cars and our bodies better. Aside from the type of car tint, the tint prices depends on the brand of the product. And if your window tinting company does it badly, you can demand a re-tinting or a refund. Additionally, car owners are prohibited from using films that allows light transmittance of less than 35%. The film may not be dark but it will still block UV radiation and solar heat. Among the car tint films easily found on the internet, dyed film is a basic high-quality product that blocks sunlight using multiple layers of dye. When it comes to choosing automotive window tinting, prices are an important factor to consider. All Rights Reserved. From car servicing and air-con recharges to driving lessons and signage. Because of tinting’s ability to obstruct a driver’s view, restrictions have been placed around its use. Millennials and yuppies are said to want tinting for their vehicles to look cooler. Expect to pay $50-$500 or more to tint the windows of a pickup, depending on the type of film and if there is a slider window. But in case you haven’t, here’s a crash course! According to WFAANZ, it will generally cost between $300 to $800 to have your car’s side windows and rear window professionally tinted, depending on a number of factors. To get us started, let’s discuss the common types of window films on, Carbon window tinting has several other advantages compared to other. Filed Under: Window Tint Tagged With: window tinting prices. Luckily, Smartfilm has tint experts clients can consult regarding what’s prohibited and what isn’t in their locality. This can result in you spending more on violation tickets but with the help of installation experts, you’re assured that you’re doing right by the law. So to lessen the chances of doing anything illegal, researching your local tinting laws is a must. Passenger cars usually have a price of of $100 to $600 while pick up owners are told to expect costs of around $50 to a whopping $500. Carbon window tinting has several other advantages compared to other types of windows film. At Car Toys we carry 3M™ Automotive Window Film series for our window tinting service. The average cost for tinting a two-door car (with 5 windows) is estimated to cost between $120 – 450*. For different tints being used, they charge $150 for the colored dyed and $240 for the stable color type.