Age normally equates to seniority in the UAE. Accept an invitation to a meal or social event. As such, many traditional attitudes and business practices are evolving towards a more westernised approach. Patience and flexibility are there-fore, key when doing business in the Middle East. Mason, OH: South-Western Cengage Learning . Relationships are an integral part of doing business in the Middle Middle East Business Etiquette Business occurs more slowly in the Middle East than in many Western cultures. The 30 Free Trade Zones in Dubai, which enjoy benefits of tax exemptions, property ownership and confidentiality amongst other advantages, is another reason why doing business in the United Arab Emirates is an appealing prospect. Reference Guffey, M. E. (2010). ... Dubai is a great place for new business owners like myself. Foreign Staffing, Inc. 2. For example, wasta is common in Saudi Arabia. Arabic Business Etiquette 1. Using the correct titles is very important in the United Arab Emirates (UAE). Remember to use Sayed or Shiek for male counterparts and Sayeda or Sheikha for female individuals. Flag UAE UAE United Arab Emirates Prepared By : Vikas Surani (56) Arpan Patel (37) Abhinay Singh (50) Dharmesh Duva (19) Section – A, MBA – Trimester 1 AESPGIBM, Ahmedabad University 3. In the Arab world, proper etiquette is valued in personal as well as business relationships. Nevertheless, it is still important to be aware and respectful of some of the differences that might exist. Dubai and Abu Dhabi, as the capital of the UAE, are the most common states to set up a business. Although, I am new at this, I am confident to try new things to invest my money and to make it grow. I never stop attending classes and getting certificates. UAE public holidays Essentials of business communication. The UAE is a considerably modern country in relation to the rest of the Middle East region. Business etiquette tips for expats in Dubai. Practicing proper Arabic business etiquette will benefit you greatly when looking to expand into new Arabic markets. The manner of doing business in the Arab world varies. UAE Presentation 1.