It's a no-win situation. It took me years to realize killing him was bad. I'm replaying Bioshock 2 right now and I'm going for an alternate good playthrough where I save all the little sisters and punish the NPCs, which for the majority of them, is to kill them. 11 comments. 5 days ago. Why did the girl in bioshock 2 kill her dad in the good ending? First of all, the achievement and trophy hunters out there will want to spare Gil because there’s an achievement/trophy for choosing to save every Little Sister and spare every life in BioShock 2. Close. BioShock 2: Should You Kill or Spare Gil? The still sane Gil left instructions to help you, and to finish the job and kill him. If you want to see the “worst” bad end in BioShock 2, you’ll need to kill Gil. The alternative good ending is to spare all little sisters and kill all NPCs, including Gil, which ends in the little sisters being saved and Sofia being killed by Eleanor. Or is this an oversight in development - they couldn't change the requirements for one NPC or something? There are six, from good to neutral, to bad, with slight variations. But the game considers sparing him to be the morally good option so if you want the Savior achievement or are trying for a certain ending (dependent on other things as well) you will have to spare Gil. 2 years ago. I can't find anything on the wiki to support this, though, so take it with a grain of salt. Press J to jump to the feed. 4 Answers. Are we meant to be listening to the mad side of Gil instead and taking pity on him so it's considered a good thing to save him? That gives you the default good ending where Sofia lives, it's not a bad ending at all. If you save all the little girls, and have already killed the first two choice characters, then "sparing" Gil is the only way to get the good-good ending. Posted by. A lazy decision made by developers in an otherwise excellent game. The new thing he is wants to live. That's what he wanted. About Gil in Bioshock 2. spoiler. There are 6 endings in total ranging from best to worst. 8 comments . You can kill Gil Alexander and still get the good ending, as it's the "right" not "wrong" decision, it actually helps against other bad deeds. Close. Cookies help us deliver our Services. That said, you can still get a version of the good end by sparing two lives. Here are some tips on what to do when deciding Gil’s fate. Eleanor Lamb. On the flip side of the situation above is the option to electrify Gil’s containment tank and kill him. About Gil in Bioshock 2. spoiler. Players are faced with multiple choices in BioShock 2, and one of the major ones has to do with Gil Alexander. Africa. Favorite Answer . 5 years ago. Archived. So achievement wise it is considered good to spare him. Posted by . That’s everything you need to know about how to deal with Gil Alexander in BioShock 2. Do you listen to the intelligent and aware man who wishes not to live if he isn't entirely himself? I guess it begs the question on whether you should trust the words of someone who's completely lost their mind and has become extremely mentally unstable or if you listen to their former, sane self who's telling you they don't ever want to live like that. I am doing my first run as a good character and he literally begs you to kill him (his sane recording does) and he seems in pain so I killed him Your opinion? By using our Services or clicking I agree, you agree to our use of cookies. 6. Present-Alexander wants to live. And I agree, it does seem humane to kill Gil, which is why the alternative good ending doesn't make any sense to me. However, Gil is a little bit different. And that was before I knew of all the ending possibilities and metagaming to get the ending I wanted - I was just playing the game and making choices I thought were right. There are three main endings (a good ending, a neutral ending, and a bad ending) along … Is Flying in Star Citizen Actually Fun and Exciting? Somewhere down the line, it just got looped in with the whole 'kill is bad, spare is good' philosophy that doesn't really fit that level/character. In Bioshock 2 isn't it more humane to kill Gil, the insane splicer in the giant tank, rather than let him live? After receiving the key allowing you to open the secret passage to Persephone, you have to wait for a moment by the control panel. Morals aside, your choice really depends on which ending you want to get. Killing Gil is granting his last wish and essentially saving himself from his own madness. 1 decade ago. I originally chose to spare Gil because I felt like that was more punishing to him than killing him. Answer Save. I don't remember the exact requirements for them. It seemed humane to me, but I guess that will give you the bad ending. Everything up to that point story-wise suggests killing Gil to be the more merciful and ethical choice. Is there a way of killing her and still managing to get the good ending? Spoilers! Games with multiple endings – such as the now infamous Silent Hill, Heavy Rain or Alpha Protocol-- have a wealth of options and different outcomes for the player to play through.This may add to the longevity or replay-ability of the title and give a greater sense of impactful storytelling and reinforcement of player input in the game world itself. BioShock 2 help with Gil? I agree, though it could be argued that it does add more dimension to the characters in comparison to the both evil and good endings. Spoilers! Each of these choices changes how the story plays out in the ending. But if you do that then you're essentially punished for it by screwing up the ending. So playing through now, trying to get a particular ending, it feels like I'm granting him a favor instead of punishing him and it's bothering me because it feels like it doesn't line up with the other choices I've made so far. I save the little sisters and the old woman but kill gil and the newspaper guy and get the good ending. She, her name is Eleanor, did not kill her father, Delta. Though, having a mixture of saved/harvested Little Sisters and spared/killed Rapture residents will always lead to one of two neutral endings. He was already dying because their bond had been severed because Sofia, Eleanor's mother, smothered Eleanor and stopped her heart, breaking their bond. However, after looking up the ending requirements again, it seems like the game doesn't agree with this. The Bioshock 2 endings may not be as numerous as a Heavy Raintype adventure, but t… I'm pretty sure the first time I played the game I killed him because, like I said, I thought it was the kinder thing to do. Bioshock 2 Endings Guide. If you believe that Gil and the other two choices deserve death for their actions, the ending is usually a darker one. Though I may just be roleplaying too hard and I'm stuck making a decision I don't want to make just to get a specific ending. Lamb deserves to die anyway. Though it seems like a bit of a huge oversight on their part if that's what actually happened. Throughout the whole of Fontaine Futuristics you have Gil telling you not to listen to Alexander the Great, that he's gone mad and needs to be put down. Do you consider killing him a good or a bad action? Answered. Answered. There are, technically speaking, six possible endings in BioShock 2. It's the epitome of a grey area. It also shows the message of Bioshock which is the importance of having choice. 4 years ago. He wanted you to kill the now crazy "Alex the Great" that he became. Yeah it can be a bit misleading since the former Gil from the past who is guiding you via audio log is pleading that you kill him. Press question mark to learn the rest of the keyboard shortcuts. BioShock 2 help with Gil? I'm pretty sure I read somewhere that "killing him = good, letting him live = bad" was the intended outcome by the developers, but was unintentionally switched around. As far as Lamb goes, her faith is decided on whether you kill or spare characters. That's exactly how I feel about it. However, in order to see the true good ending, you’ll need to spare him along with all of the other “spare/kill characters”. It would seem altruistic to grant his wish. Hmm, yeah. However sparing him, seems like you're leaving him in his madness to rot. spoiler. So I spared him as well and got the good ending where even Sophia is saved and I live on within the big sister. 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