These devices are our top-rated picks and selected after hours of research taking into account various factors such as official ACT calculator rules, budget, features, and popularity. - Less ram and slower processor speed than the TI-84 Plus. This device is not recommended to be used for calculus. Package includes a unit-to-unit cable, a slide case, operating manual, and carries a one-year limited warranty. The mathematical capability is very similar to the first choice on our list, so you will not be left out to dry on the exam because you chose to spend less. Matt Gordon August 20, 2019. Not every student is looking for a top-of-the-line, feature-rich calculator. The 14 main apps cover most general usage, including dynamic functions, lists, matrices, recursion, simultaneous equations and conics graphing. The second, and not so obvious flaw, is that this device takes some getting used to. I know that everyone can agree with me when I say: Calculators make math (especially on the ACT!) Some features and functionality are missing here, but that’s nothing to complain about. Read more . The design itself is coherent, sleek, and modern. A. Technically, there is no need for a calculator since it is a standardized test. The Casio fx-9750GII is the under-rated star of our list that is otherwise dominated by Texas Instruments models. But I am just letting you know of the possibility. The Best ACT Calculators | A quick review of the top ACT calculators including a comparison table, short review summaries and a suggestion buying guide. Before we get into the best ACT calculators, let’s see what you need to consider when buying one. Since this device is not made by Texas Instruments, there is not much documentation. Most scientific calculators are allowed on the ACT. It suffers from freezing issues, but users of newer models don’t report such problems. Even with these flaws, the TI-84 is still a very good device. 14 Min Read. Because of these 2 flaws, we rank the TI-73 Explorer as our 3rd best overall calculator for the ACT. It can fit in your pocket while other calculators on this list are too large to fit, especially if you sit down. Unlike other calculators that employ AA batteries, it is rechargeable battery runs for days without running out of juice. One great positive about the HP 39gs is that it is pretty low priced. CAS enabled devices are not allowed. This novel graphing calculator suits both high school and college requirements. The HP 39gs has the basic functionality of a graphing calculator, but does not have advanced functions for calculus and beyond. The extensive formula functions ensure all problems are dealt with accordingly. This makes it very easy to see what is displayed on the screen in all lighting conditions. Pick one calculator from the list above and spend some time learning its various functions and features. Sometimes, simple devices like the HP 39gs graphing calculator does the job well within a tight budget. Feb 21, 2020 That being said, calculators are permitted by ACT authorities for certain sections. No more being frustrated during an exam because you forgot the location of a secret, deep menu with your favorite functions. Every other device on our list requires AA batteries, which do not last as long and can run out without warning. It is best to buy a device well in advance and master its every function. This means that there is less likely to be good documentation and programs for the device. The USP of this device is its simple shortcuts, i.e. Do I Need a Calculator for the ACT exam? The device boasts 32 KB of RAM that is enough to solve ACT problems. Besides the logically laid-out menu and buttons, the functionality is also easy-to-use. The ACT is particularly strict in case of calculators compared to SAT. ACT exam prep is incomplete without the right ACT calculator. Our suggestions offer the most cost effective way for you to pick out the perfect calculator for the ACT. New software can be downloaded from the Texas Instruments website to keep it updated with the current curriculum. Most scientific calculators are allowed on the ACT. If you are going to college for a stem degree, you may want to choose a different device. Based on their ease of use and features for learning in the classroom, and my experience using and teaching with these graphing calculators, these are my picks for the best graphing calculators of 2020. Even though the Casio fx-9750GII has many strengths, it still has quite a few flaws. Best Calculator for the ACT: TI-Nspire CX II When it comes to buying the best ACT calculator, students are advised to shop as per their budget and requirements.