The bag can be easily combined with the trolley XL. Tailor-tack foot #7 is suitable for marking seams on the fabric. The special design of the BERNINA Cordonnet foot #11 enables precise embellishment and topstitching with cordonnet thread as the upper thread. The Knee lifter/Free-Hand System (FHS) lets you raise the presser foot and lower the feed dog with your knee. Reverse-pattern foot #1 is the ideal presser foot for sewing forward and reverse-feed utility and decorative stitches. Simply select a font and type in the text that you want to sew. Most changes can be undone with "clr". From the 7-Series, although the Jumbo Hoop will have a limited embroidery area. Do you need a new needle for your CutWork tool? Bulky overlock foot #12 is suitable for sewing knits, as well as for making and attaching piping and cords. The instructions take you step-by-step through the required settings, all conveniently shown on the generously sized display. This foot is also ideal for sewing piping. The Multiple-spool holder provides room for several spools of different colors, allowing you to sew and embroider with greater ease and efficiency. Once the buttonhole has been programmed, use the BERNINA buttonhole foot with slide to sew the buttonholes in a single step. Zigzag hemmer #61 turns the fabric edge under twice and sews it with a zigzag stitch to produce a narrow, sturdy hem. Embroidery foot #6 features a wide channel in its sole for sewing appliqués and decorative stitching. BERNINA CutWork needles are also available separately. It stores embroidery designs and data up to 16 GB. ... BERNINA 770 QE - Support Information. Embroider like a pro - with the Embroidery module L, you can achieve breathtaking embroidery results that are even larger. We use cookies to improve your experience. BERNINA 770 QE: The best technology for quilters, 3/10 BERNINA 770 QE: Combining letters and stitches, 4/10 BERNINA 770 QE: Sewing buttonholes and sewing on buttons, 5/10 BERNINA 770 QE: Sewing with the BERNINA Stitch Regulator (BSR), 6/10 BERNINA 770 QE: Sewing with Dual Feed, 8/10 BERNINA 770 QE: First steps when embroidering, 9/10 BERNINA 770 QE: Single-colour pattern embroidery, The BERNINA hook – the heart of the BERNINA 7 Series. Binder foot #95 for Binder attachment #87 and #88 makes it easier to sew edge finishes with bias binding. Check whether the upper thread is threaded correctly and rethread if necessary. Patchwork foot with guide #57D sews precise straight lines, and is ideally suited for sewing and patchwork projects. Note: ... With a stitch width of 9 mm and its extra-long free-arm, the new BERNINA 770 QE is especially suitable for large quilting projects. The “Hoop ‘N’ Buddyz” embroidery hoop is suitable for embroidery on difficult materials and baseball caps. Free delivery available on all UK orders over £50.00. The generously proportioned and ultra-clear touch screen with touch stylus pen also means it couldn’t be easier to change settings, such as the winding speed and selected stitches. We reserve the right to make changes in both features and design. Letting you work with reassurance and full focus on your sewing piece. With a stitch width of 9 mm and its extra-long free-arm, the new BERNINA 770 QE is especially suitable for large quilting projects. Standard adapter shank #75 permits the easy attachment of accessories for various sewing techniques to preferred sewing machines. By turning the fabric under twice, Zigzag hemmer #66 enables precise stitching and a sturdy hem in medium weight fabrics. Check if there are any pieces of loose thread in the path of the upper thread and remove them. You will be astounded at just how easy and convenient sewing can be with the Dual Feed. Lap-seam foot #71 lets you sew up to 6 mm wide flat-felled seams in two steps on jeans and sportswear. All this can be configured comfortably on your display, which also lets you preview what the modified stitch will look like beforehand.