The Big Story. Holding together a Western and Arabic context, in a school that protects both, is a hugely complex and ambitious task. We believe in education. The intention was to provide a school balancing the qualities of the best Western standards of education whilst also nurturing and respecting the culture, faith and language of the people of the UAE and the Arabic world more broadly. YEAR 5: 39,480 YEAR 9: 52,000 Right to Reply: A Levels Versus IB Qualifications? YEAR 8: 52,000 At DIA Al Barsha we strive to offer a holistic, rigorous and international education preparing students for life beyond school as true global citizens. Notes: The fit, as above, is an exceptionally good one and many argue that the Australian approach offers a better groundwork for the International Baccalaureate Diploma than even the equivalent International PYP and MYP programmes. YEAR 6: 45,720 Founded in 2002, the Australian International School Bangkok is home to more than 400 students from across 25 different nationalities. I realised none of the schools at that time was offering what I was looking for. I wanted the best of the Western education system and the East in one school. Part Five. The Secret Questions You Should be Asking. YEAR 12: 63,400 DIA Al Barsha Way. At the school’s launch, announced by Dr. Omar Jaffar, pictured below and the co-founder of both schools, it was announced that the new school will seek to offer the best of its sister school in Sharjah, including its full K12 Queensland based curriculum, but with the backing of an AED150 million campus; four-storey based landmark school architectural design; and facility provision to pitch the school to compete with the very best schools in the UAE. List of 939 Best Australian Schools in Dubai (2020 Fees) ... AED 200. Ambassador International Academy is an IB and British Curriculum School in Al Khail Gate, Dubai. Why? If our parents are happy, that is my reward. It is one of the top schools in Dubai offering a unique blend of holistic learning, well-qualified faculty, modern infrastructure and emphasis on cultural diversity. +971 (0) 6 533 7722 Who? Australian International School will follow closely the approach adopted by its well respected founding sister school, the Australian International School Sharjah, reviewed here. Monday. AED 198,660,000 Recommended. Very Special. Here we look at some of the differences between the UK and Australian approaches, for example, and what makes an Australian school education stand out. New KHDA Report Reveals the Facts about our Schools. School Tour by AIS Students Enjoy the tour to our three campuses in District 2 (Thu Thiem, Thao Dien and Xi), all designed and purpose-built to provide the best setting for young people to … Right to Reply: A Levels Versus IB Qualifications? The Australian International School Dubai is certainly one to watch. Stop. The choice for Year 11 and 12 students between the International Baccalaureate Diploma or Queensland Certificate of Education [QCE] determines subject options. The Big Story. Sherin Why? YEAR 11: 60,150 When? Prospective parents should note that this implies a further distancing of the UK model from the alternative International Baccalaureate approach to learning. Australian For parents used to children returning from school each day with volumes of homework this can initially be unsettling. Children join UAE Government to Make a Difference. YEAR 1: 36,700 Third, whilst the IB Diploma is recognised by both local and international universities world-wide, the QCE certificate has most leverage in Australia and to some degree in the US and Canada. 6734107 at Al Barsha South 3 in Dubai. Our will did not compromise at any point on the quality that we set for this school. Students studying the IB Diploma program select 6 core subjects from English language and literature; Arabic language and literature; business and management; economics; history; French; physics; chemistry; biology; Mathematics (standard and higher); and theatre. ... Australian International School - Sharjah . Fees are, for Sharjah, premium running from 34,280 AED at FS stages through to 63,400 AED in Year 12. You Decide. YEAR 9: 49,880 One of Britain’s oldest independent schools, the Royal Grammar School Guildford, set to open in Dubai in 2021. Australian curriculum experience is a pre-requisite of employment at the school. The Australian International School Sharjah (AIS Sharjah) is seeking to appoint qualified and experienced teachers:-2020/21 Academic Year Opportunities for both January 2021 and August 2021 commencements: . ELC: 36,700 Who? At the last school inspection from the Ministry of Education, the Australian International School [AIS] scored the highest possible marks awarded by the Inspectorate, achieving “Highly Effective” status in all 6 of its rating categories (school leadership; the “school as a community”; school’s approach to student learning; classroom climate; student’s personal development; and student attainment/development). Covid 19., • Very strong commitment to developing an inclusive school “through its love and support for the small number of students with particular physical and emotional challenges.” [MOE] What? Part Six. • Impressive communication with parents [MOE] International Baccalaureate Diploma, Education Queensland (Queensland Department of Education and Training) International Concept of Education School. Is. Australian International School (also known as AIS) is a K-12 private school located in Muweileh, Sharjah. This was both the first Australian school to be established in the Middle East and the first example of the State Government of Queensland entering into a partnership to provide the Queensland curriculum ‘off shore.’ Like its sister, the Australian International School Dubai will offer a K12 curriculum. No confirmation of provision of the International Baccalaureate Career-related Programme - which we believe should be provided as a matter of course by all IB schools, I need to apply my CV as Islamic coordinator and Teacher for Arab and Non-Arab There are many non-Arabic parents that look for schools able to offer their children the competitive language and cultural advantages that come from a school immersed in local culture. The Australian International School Dubai will be developed across an 8 and half acre campus, and the school will offer around 85 classrooms; a 600 seat landmark auditorium; central library; a full spectrum of dedicated Art and Music rooms; separate Science labs by specialism; ICT labs;  separate multi-purpose hall, MUGA court; SEND learning centres;  and a competition football pitch. Citizens of […] The Australian International School Dubai is a new Australian curriculum school currently under construction in a site off Hessa Street in Al Barsha close to Nord Anglia International School, reviewed here and bordering the Arjan area of Dubai. YEAR 2: 37,400 4+ (2015) - exact figure not provided (students scored 28+), Note: FS1: 34,280 The Australian International School Dubai is a new Australian curriculum school currently under construction in a site off Hessa Street in Al Barsha close to Nord Anglia International School, reviewed here and bordering the Arjan area of Dubai. Live Now! Notes: Founded in 2005, AID offers a mixed, co-educational education to around 1300 children through a Queensland curriculum with parallel International Baccalaureate Diploma [IBD] /High School Certificate post-16 provision. Shift too far in either direction and the best of both cultural and educational approaches can be compromised with children becoming “jacks of all trades and masters of none.”. Dyslexia. International Baccalaureate Organisation, Yes Omar Jaffar, +971 (0) 6 558 9967 YEAR 2: 39,750