i was looking at buying something around the beta 58 price range and for the same money there is the audix om3, don't think i would get the chance to review either so i am looking for guidance, Newsletter. Despite the cheap price of the mic, the Audix i5 is known to pack quite a number of features that easily make it stand out. The price of this microphone is quite similar to that of the sm57. Zapisz się i bądź na bieżąco. sm58 allowing the vocal to sit on top of the mix that bit more. (See also : Audix OM2 Vs Shure SM58 Comparison) Technical Specs Audix OM3 The Audix OM3 is used especially for dynamic vocal microphone for eample in live, studio, and broadcast applications. Dodaj do koszyka. 469, 00 PLN. SHURE 55H SRII. He says those are better than Shure mics, of course. it opened my ears to the fact that their may be life beyond the sm58 for live vocal use. 709, 00 PLN. Comparison of Audix OM3 and Shure SM58 based on specifications, reviews and ratings. The Audix OM2 is a handheld dynamic microphone designed for live vocal use. Produkt dostępny! Produkt dostępny! Audix i5. SHURE SM58SE. AKG, AUDIX Vs Shure sm58 I just need some quick opinions from someone who knows about mics. Dodaj do koszyka. Re: Audix OM-7 vs Shure SM58 « Reply #12 on: April 04, 2006, 08:52:33 pm » I used OM-5's for a long time strictly when I was on a regular radio gig last year. I need a mic to record guitars, vocals and eventually use it … 449, 00 PLN. The Audix OM2 is a straight jab at the Shure SM58, with its frequency response being tailored to a slight warmth booster in the lower mid bass and a slight boost in the mid range of the frequency spectrum. Comparison of Audix OM6 and Shure SM58 based on specifications, reviews and ratings. It is made from a cast zinc-alloy case with a mounted XLR output. Physically the i5 doesn’t fail but is design is pretty basic. SKLEP STACJONARNY Magazyn naszego sklepu przy ulicy Wiktorskiej: ... SHURE SM58-LCE. 6 szt. We know that this time, the review explained more in the performance while the previous Audix OM2 vs Sennheiser E835 was discussing more on the features. I was gonna get an sm58 with a firepod, but this dealer has only AKG and AUDIX. Audix OM3 mikrofon dynamiczny. 1 szt.