Was not thisreturning good for evil? They took the coursewhich God directed, and it brought them to the Red Sea, where there wereneither boats nor bridges for them to go over. These verses showthat the dogs wandered about in those days just as they do now.Sometimes when they do not find enough to eat, they become very fierceand cruel, so that you would be afraid to meet one of them. God says, in the Bible, "The ox knoweth his owner, and the donkey hismaster's crib; but Israel doth not know, my people doth not consider. The roe or gazelle is the smallest animal of the antelope kind; it isonly about two feet in height, and not more than half the size of thefallow-deer. This explains what ismeant by the verse, "When she lifteth up herself on high she scorneththe horse and his rider.". Does not his help you to understand thisverse in the 17th chapter of 2d Samuel? There are many peacocks in India, and large flocks of them are sometimesseen around the temples; they also live among the bushes near the banksof rivers. There are some people who, like the peacock, are calledhandsome or beautiful, but whose hearts are not pure and lovely in thesight of God. The pelican likes to live in lonely places, such as a rocky island inthe midst of the ocean, where nobody will come near to disturb it: it isfor this reason that David says in the 102d Psalm, "I am like a pelicanin the wilderness," or solitary place. The wicked Jezebel lived some years after this, and one of her sonsbecame king; but God raised up another king, named Jehu, who slew thisson, and then went to Jezreel, the city where Jezebel lived. In some countries the roofs of the houses are flat, andthe people walk and sleep on them; in these places the storks oftenbuild their nest on the flat branches of some spreading tree. The 23d verse of the 12th chapter ofJeremiah is this: "Can the Ethiopian change his skin or the leopard hisspots? It has something like an innereyelid, only it is very thin; and the eagle can draw this over its eye,like a curtain, whenever there is too much light. The inside of anant-hill is very curious, but it is not easy to examine it withoutdestroying all the work that the little insects have taken so much painsto finish. She had been hurt herself by the guns,but she crawled along to her cubs, put her paw upon them, and tried tohave them get up; and when she found that they did not move, she went afew steps off, and then looked back with a sad, moaning noise, as thoughshe expected them to get up and follow her. Then God saw fit to send them quails again, though he wasvery much displeased with their wickedness; so much so that he sent adreadful sickness among them, of which many died. Our Savior speaks of this bird in the 12th chapter ofLuke, "Consider the ravens; for they neither sow nor reap; they haveneither store-house nor barn; and God feedeth them." The people gathered great quantities ofthem; probably they intended to dry a part, which is still a custom inthose hot and sandy countries. No, dearchild, these are not the things that make us happy; nothing but the truelove of God in the heart can do this. Again the cruelanimals were close behind her, and to save her own life, hardly knowingwhat she did, she threw over her only remaining child. Was I ever wont to do sounto thee?" There is a very beautiful story in the twenty-fourth chapter of Genesis,in which there is something about camels. TheJews were forbidden by God to use the stork for food; perhaps this wasbecause it lives upon such animals as frogs, fishes and serpents. If its legs were long itcould not get through the ground very well, you know. God told the children of Israel that he would give them "aland flowing with milk and honey," meaning one that was beautiful andfertile, producing abundantly every thing that would be needed for theircomfort. And he asked God tolet him know in this way which I will tell you. Though he seems so dull, he loves his master, andwill sometimes find him out and run to him even when he is in a crowd ofmen. "For thou knowest thy fatherand his men, that they are mighty men, and they are chafed in theirminds, as a bear robbed of her whelps (or cubs) in the field;"-and thisalso, Hosea 13:8, "I will meet them as a bear bereaved of her whelps. This is a very beautiful and innocent bird, and no one is mentioned morefrequently in the Bible. See how well this agrees with the accounts givenby travellers. when his young ones cry unto God, wandering forlack of meat." Each of the wings is a yard long when the feathers are spread out; butalthough the wings are so large, the bird cannot fly at all. An Englishclergyman who visited countries where the locusts are found, a few yearsago, says that these verses describe them exactly as he has himself seenthem. When the inhabitants see them comingover their fields, they try to drive them away by making loud noises orby kindling fires; but this does little good. Job 12:10; Psalm 36:6; … These birds fly very swiftly, and you will find verses in the Bible thatspeak of this. You see why God tells the sluggard to go and look at the little ants: itis that when he sees them so busy, he may be ashamed of himself forbeing idle, and learn to be "wise," or diligent in whatever heundertakes. Well, this verse in Isaiah declares that the same thing willhappen by and by over the whole earth. The ear of this kind of goat is so longthat a large piece might easily be bitten off; it sometimes measuresmore than a foot. It eatsinsects and worms, and sometimes the roots of plants. A great many spend the summernorth of the Black Sea, and when autumn comes they fly away to spend thewinter in some warmer place, farther south. David had sixbrothers, and Samuel did not know which of all the sons was to be king;but both he and their father Jesse supposed it would be one of the olderones, and nobody remembered even to call little David, who had been leftwith the sheep, until they found that he was the one whom God hadchosen. Then two fair andhandsome young goats were brought to him, one of which was to be killed.The priest was to cast lots, that he might know which of them it shouldbe; then he was to kill him, sprinkle his blood upon the altar seventimes, and burn the flesh. They consumedevery blade of grass wherever they alighted; also the roots, and bark,and even the hard wood of the trees. Have you read about the firstmissionaries who went to the Sandwich Islands? She is hardened against her young ones as thoughthey were not hers." Theopening of the ear is covered in the same way, so that nothing can hurtit. It is often found seventy feetlong; and it is said that they have been found of the length of ahundred feet. Now you may be sure God was displeased with such wickedness as this, andyou will think it was very right that he should punish the cruelJezebel. The molelives under ground, and the bat in gloomy, dark caves where nobodythinks of going; so when it is said that the idols shall be "Cast to themoles and to the bats," it means that they shall be thrown away in darkand neglected places, just as we throw away old shoes, or any thing thatwe care nothing about. Noahput out his hand and gently took her in, and she did not go out againfor a whole week. As they were journeying an angel with a drawnsword in his hand stood in the way, but Balaam did not see him. Solomon did not pray that God would make him rich, or that he would givehim health, or let him live a great many years on the earth; but hesaid, "I am a little child, I know not how to go out or come in.