The V Twin engine in the 2015 Harley-Davidson Electra Glide CVO Limited Motorcycle has a displacement of 1801 cc which is 3.7% more than its competition.. Folks, that’s a lot of weight, especially when you add a rider, passenger and cargo in the 30.2-gallon storage capacity offered by the saddlebags and “Tour-pak,” a fact not lost on H-D. Unlike beauty, however, price is more tangible. Continue reading for my review of the 2015 Harley-Davidson CVO Limited. MSRP depend on country, taxes, accessories, etc. BMW brings pressure from across the pond with its K 1600 GTL Exclusive, while U.S. manufacturer Victory Motorcycles attacks on the home front with its Vision Tour model. Harley-Davidson CVO Limited Specs (2015) The Harley-Davidson CVO Limited model is a Touring bike manufactured by Harley-Davidson . Touring capabilities for the 2015 Harley-Davidson CVO Limited. In this version sold from year 2015 , the dry weight is 412.0 kg (908.3 pounds) and it is equiped with a V2, four-stroke motor. Sticker shock on this ride is rather severe. Big and beautiful, with the unmistakable, 45-degree, V-twin shape all wrapped in chrome and black wrinkle paint. What can I say, it’s a Harley dresser — big and heavy, with rolls of “fat” hanging off it. A total of four, 6.5-inch “Boom! In the interest of control, the engineers went with 32 mm, four-piston, Brembo calipers on both ends under the management of the “Reflex” Linked Brakes with ABS for added confidence when you need to make an abrupt stop, or operate in poor riding conditions. developed by low-cost software development company. Euro 40485. I just have a hard time spending $40,000 on something I can’t live in. Almost the entire bike, except the engine and transmission, is shrouded with sheet metal (or plastic, whatever). That shouldn’t surprise me since Harley’s are usually more expensive than their competitors are. Love ’em or hate ’em, there is no denying that Harley-Davidson has been in the business of building top-notch, full-dress baggers for many moons. Almost the entire bike, except the engine and transmission, is shrouded with sheet metal (or plastic, whatever). 2015 Harley-Davidson CVO Limited FLHTKSE We've built grand American touring from the ground up. A guy can dream, can’t he?”, My wife and fellow writer, Allyn Hinton, says, "I love these Project Rushmore bikes. That planted a seed that grew into a well-rounded appreciation of all things mechanical, and eventually, into a formal education of same. At $39,349 MSRP, it is well outside entry-level range, but then, it isn’t an entry-level bike, is it. Rating: 3.7 See the detailed rating of touring capabilities, reliability, accident risk, etc. Harley-Davidson CVO Electra Glide Ultra Limited 2015 - Features Touring von Grund auf neu definiert: die richtige Maschine für all jene, die mit weniger einfach nicht zufrieden wären. At the very top of the mountain in terms of power, features and riding experience, this is the motorcycle for you. 693 mm (27.3 inches) If adjustable, lowest setting. The 2015 CVO Limited is a rolling display of nearly every bell, whistle, gee-gaw and whimmy-diddle Harley engineers could hang on it, and it shows that a bike can be both rooted in tradition, and still show a progressive bent. He currently holds an Associate's degree in applied mechanical science from his time at the M.M.I. T.J got an early start from his father and other family members who owned and rode motorcycles, and by helping with various mechanical repairs throughout childhood. Electronic Sequential Port Fuel Injection, Multi-plate with diaphragm spring in oil bath, 5.60 litres/100 km (17.9 km/l or 42.00 mpg), Chrome dual exhaust with 4 in. The steering head angle is set to 26 degrees, leaving it with a 64-inch wheelbase and 6.7 inches of trail. The base price of the 2015 Harley-Davidson Electra Glide CVO Limited Motorcycle is $39349. The engine aspirates through the “Ventilator” intake that comes stock with a high-flow, low-resistance air filter, and an electronic sequential port fuel injection system delivers precisely metered fuel charges to the engine. MSRP depend on country, taxes, accessories, etc. Euro 40485. Palladiuum Silver/Typhon Maroon, Carbon Dust/Charcol Slate, Gold Rush/Carbon Dust, High beam, running lights, front fender running lights, directional light bar, low oil pressure, engine diagnostics, cruise control, speakers, accessory, security system, 6-speed, low fuel warning, ABS. However, much like so many things, beauty is very subjective. Harley-Davidson CVO Limited: Year: 2015: Category: Touring: Price as new: US$ 39349. Individually crafted and hand-finished paint and graphics come standard on all Harley-Davidson® Custom Vehicle Operations™ motorcycles, balancing style and premium appeal to create one-of-a-kind custom motorcycle masterpieces.